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CookiewoodstockCookiewoodstock Posts: 16,176Member, Flagger ✭✭✭✭✭✭
edited September 2016 in Suggestions & Bug Reports
It just hit me why Combo Breaker glitches out the way it does.

For the uninitiated, Combo Breaker is an all-but-forgotten badge on the 2.better badge system, and for good reason; it's seemingly bugged. The description claims it is unlocked for unlocking 5 badges for 5 differing things, but doing this won't actually unlock it. You can get 5 agrees + 5 awesomes, post 1 comment, get an answer, and upload an avatar, qualifying yourself for 5 different things, but you'll never unlock the badge.

My theory? The badge is set to unlock for doing 5 things of the same thing in one day, and not 5 different things in one day.

  1. All users who own it have 5 badges in one particular topic. (Specifically, it's always 5 comments in the comments-related badges.)
  2. The more likely evidence: On profiles who existed before 2.better and had the pre-resiquites for 5 of the comments badges (1k comments,) then 5 comments-related badges are shown, and then Combo Breaker is shown afterwards. This means that the badge is only awarded after 5 badges of the same thing are calculated.
  3. For reference, if the badge worked properly, it would display after getting a comments badge, a 5 agree badge, a 5 awesome badge, a misc. badge, and then an answer badge, or any combo of 5 different categories of badges. Instead, it was not only put after 5 badges of the same type, it was unlocked at the same time as such.
I'm not sure how the hell the badge broke this hard, but at any rate, I'm guesstimating that this is why it's broken the way it is.
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