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Spyfall - SIGNUPS

KappyKappy Posts: 272Member ✭✭
edited August 2016 in Playground
In Spyfall, all players receive a PM at the beginning of the game. One randomly selected player is the spy. Their PM will tell them that they are the spy. All other players will receive a PM telling them the location of the game. The spy does not know the location.

Possible Locations:

Broadway Theater
Circus Tent
Corporate Party
Crusader Army
Day Spa
Military Base
Movie Studio
Ocean Liner
Passenger Train
Pirate Ship
Polar Station
Police Station
Service Station
Space Station

One randomly selected player (it can be the spy) will be announced as the first person to ask a question to another player. They must post it like so: QUESTION TO PlayerName: What color do you see around you? The player who is asked must answer within 48 hours. If they do not answer, they lose a point, and the player who asked the question can ask another one. If the player asked answers, they must post another question. They cannot ask the person who asked them a question. If a player thinks an answer is suspicious, they can accuse that player of being the spy like so: ACCUSE PlayerName. A player can only accuse once in the game. If a player does not think that person is the spy, they can say DEFEND PlayerName. A player cannot defend themself. If no one defends the player in 48 hours, it is revealed if they are the spy. If they are the spy, everyone but the spy gains one point, and the accuser gains two points. If all players except the spy use their accusations and the spy is not found, the spy gains two points. The spy can also stop the game at any point and guess the location using GUESS Location. If the spy is correct, they gain 4 points. If the spy is incorrect, all other players gain one point. Either way, the game is over.

We need 4-8 players.

  1. @Breadstick
  2. @Brainstorm
  3. @Dont_question
  4. @TheHeathens
  5. @Goldra
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