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King of Dungeons Online

CalamityCalamity Posts: 15,095Member, Friendly ✭✭✭✭✭
edited February 2017 in Playground
King of Dungeons Online

Inspired by Dungeon Maker by Brainstorm

Waking up as a dungeon is not fun. But having a choice whether or not that you will succeed that is a fate bending idea. Should it be easy? No certainly not, so becoming a strong dungeon is not easy. Becoming a dungeon that survives is not an easy. Why should it? But this does not mean that its impossible. Look at the Gods they have done the impossible. Do better than them and wield the powers of a dungeon.

You can start by naming your dungeon and then we can kick start your adventure with a yang... I mean bang *Kabang!*

Please note that the currency points and that if you ask for something you likely can buy it for your dungeon but for an extremely high amount of points. Depending on what it really affects the price.

You can also study topics to help your dungeon progress and stand out from the rest. Active or not there are points to be had and dungeons to be expanded.

Everyone starts out in a cave with one room. Its all stone and all of the walls are dirty. Hardly a place fit to be called a dungeon candidate. But we shall see if you are up to the task of making it a place worthy of the chance that you have been given.

There are things that happen that can lower your chances of becoming a dungeon king but luck always finds it way to the right kind of people... or not Its mostly random. Mostly.

Have fun!
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