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This may need some fixing.

EthanEthan Posts: 1Member
So I have played the game for a while and I had managed to get up around 400 prestige levels and was enjoying the game a lot. This morning though I just cookie clicker on and it was the only program running on my computer. I came back a few hours later and my game had reset by itself. And I mean full reset all my achievements and prestige levels were gone. I hadn't saved my game to a file which I know was my bad and I should have done so but I came to tell you about it just in case it happens to anyone else and I hope it can get fixed.


  • essiwessiw Posts: 646Member, Flagger ✭✭✭
    This is probably something that happened on your end. Your browser deleted its cache/cookies/local files either automatically, by your doing or because of some error.
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