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Facing Extinction - Fantasy RP

CalamityCalamity Posts: 15,096Member, Friendly ✭✭✭✭✭
edited February 2017 in Playground

►By Calamity

When you are given a choice from the old gods of your own new innate power as a new breed do you accept the responsibility? or do you cut off the tradition and mingle with the other races even if it leads to disastrous results.Should you fail surely it would mean the end of your race as you know it.When the dragons are dying out and goblins slaughtered like flies you know that times are tough.So is the mantle of power worth it or will you die like the rest who have tried before you, gods surely arent making any bets on those who cant handle the power.

In the world of Aldora there are 5 Factions that you can side with

They want to see the darkness thrown out and replaced with all of the good and holy. They hate all races other then human and think slavery is befitting for the other races.

Not much is known about this faction except it battles the light and that there is secret believers in the shadow society that are located throughout the empire and the rest of Aldora.

They are a greedy bunch, they want power and will use others to get what they want, they have the power too.They are the strongest force having a huge expanse of land and military resources gathered from constant wars.

They are forgotten, and are a capital grade taboo to speak of them.While they don't fiddle much with the affairs of humans and the other races but that doesn't make there power any less fearsome.They are rumored to be the creators of the dragon race and the lower races.

While they don't hold much power compared to the church, they are a financially inclined faction and they are stable as a worldwide organization since adventurers are always in high demand. They possess scrying abilities far beyond what any other faction is capable of.

0】 - You start off with nothing. No coin no weapons nothing.
1】 - No Godmodding
2】 - No Metagaming
3】 - No Mary Sues (Too Perfect , people make mistakes)
4】 - One character and race per user
5】 - OP Characters are not allowed (At the start anyways.)
6】 - People start at level 1
7】 - No copying other people's races
8】 - People all start in a different location
9】 - Inner thoughts are 'like this'
10】 - "Quotes are people talking"
11】 - Combat sequences in 3rd person perspective preferably.
12】- Think before you act each action has consequences attached to them
13】- Have fun and play nice. Rivalries are okay though.
14】- Keep things PG-13 though Mature things can be in a PM me if any relationships are made (in the rp of course)
15】- When I tell you something happens it happens no buts
16】- No super high regeneration powers that can regrow your heart or head , if you get killed you are dead
16.5】- There are exceptions to said rule but they are rare
17】- Try to keep replies at least 20 words
18】- Don't double post

Name of Character : 【First and Last
Gender : 【Male】 or 【Female
Physical appearance based on race : 【Ehh, what it looks like
Name of race : 【Self Explanatory
Characteristics of Race : 【There strengths and abilities
Weaknesses of Race : 【What makes them not overpowered...
Faction : 【Empire】【Old Gods】【Temple of Light】 or 【Darkness】【Adventurers

Put this in your signature

Aldora is full of monsters will you be the last?
►【Facing Extinction the Fantasy RP by Calamity】◄


Big Shoutout to @RunninginReverse for helping me set up the RP and being a good friend!Props to him!
Shoutout to @Chisako for setting me up with my new awesome username!

Compete with others to become the strongest of all! (Forum Game)
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  • BrainstormBrainstorm Posts: 11,227Member ✭✭✭✭✭

    Name: Brainstorm
    Faction: Was hard to choose, you did a gr8 job, but Dark Temple
    Race: Shadow
    Race Characteristics: the Shadows are emperors of the dark, they are a race that resides beneath the darkness, sometimes preferring to hide as shadows of people. Some storywriters say that every being has one of those races beneath him. Shadows originally look like ghosts of darkness, but most take humanoid forms, only the most experienced of the Shadows can take a full human shape, but some people inherit the skill, like me...

    Shadows are extremely efficient when fighting races with shadows, unlike their extreme weakness of fighting shadowless races, which are extremely rare, but they have a great ability of hiding beneath the shadowless.

    Shadows are even more efficient when fighting beings made of pure light.

    Weaknesses: They are weak against fighting the shadowless, as I said. Besides that, they dislike the heat and prefer to live in cool areas. They are agile and fast, also strong, but a great flaw in their skills is their durability, "health points" as you call it.

    Racial Abilities: Shadows can do many things, like almost all magical spells, hiding beneath shadows, becoming shadows of objects, even infusing curses and poisons within oneself and claiming power from their corrupted souls, feeding on their fear, transforming to other creatures and humans, mimicking objects.
    But at my current level, I can only take human (and kitty) form, hide beneath shadows, and cast extremely basic spells and curses.

    Appearance: I am a slightly taller Shadow, my farther was an experienced master, which I inherited some human-formation skills from. I am wearing very light clothes which are light brown and I have a long two-sided spear (Y'know, like the one on Swords and Souls.) and a couple of daggers.

    Gender: Male
    "Calm your caps, bro." -Brainstorm

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