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The big cookie is lagging/crashing browser

MaybE_TreeMaybE_Tree Posts: 2Member
Clicking the big cookie crashes my preferred browser (firefox, latest version), and slightly lags out the only other browser I have (safari). A patch that would make clicking seamless in all browsers would be great


  • MaybE_TreeMaybE_Tree Posts: 2Member
    oh, and I have all the graphics at lowest settings
  • bob_32_116bob_32_116 Posts: 788Member ✭✭✭
    I'd forgotten you could click on the big cookie! :D

    Seriously, I have never had the browser crash under CC, but sometimes for no apparent reason it seems slow, evidenced by the cookie number jumping in fits and starts rather than increasing smoothly, wrinklers lurching rather than wriggling, milk not flowing smoothly, etc. This does not seem to be related to how many wrinklers I have, whether there is a cookie storm happening or anything else I would think of as graphics-intensice, so it remains a mystery, since it does not always happen. Perhaps it's to do with the ads that appear from time to time.

    I have noticed that if I have the Wiki page open, this slows down the browser something dreadful. The popup ads on that page seem very video processor hungry.
  • potatoman000potatoman000 Posts: 1Member
    ok so i had the same problem with the cookie on safari browser
    and i wasn't able to stop the lag either by turning off graphics and particles
    however for some reason going into options and turning off the volume fixed the problem immediately
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