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Community RPG - Mission 2: Round 0

KappyKappy Posts: 272Member ✭✭
edited August 2016 in Playground
First, let me make something clear: This will be a real RPG. Not one of those simple games that claims to be an RPG and is much more basic, a true RPG.

So, the goal of this game is to vote on a community RPG ruleset. We will then actually play the RPG.

Basic Rules:
You will create a character, and go on quests with that character. Your character will not actually be a hero, per se, just a mercenary. You can make them a hero if you want, though. Players will need 1 quest's experience to host a quest.

Community Rules:
The game will be called Beast RPG

Mission 1: Round 1 Results
Beast RPG (2) defeats Quest for Cookies (1)
The RPG will be called Beast RPG

Mission 2: Round 0 Rules
You must suggest a character creation system. You can suggest your own idea or ditto someone else's. Do not suggest specific stats, that will be next round. Just something like "use skills and attributes, skills are based on attributes, you have twice the amount of attributes points to divide between attributes, you can learn half the skills" or something like that.



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