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Cookie Clicker: Game Mechanic Ideas

TheDiscoBall66TheDiscoBall66 Member Posts: 1
edited July 2016 in Suggestions
So here i go, Brace yourselves because it is a mouthful.But before i start this idea will probably be drowned out in the other discussion and idea threads, but no doubt even if this idea is lost it is a idea worth sharing at least.First of all, some context, my idea started when i was playing cookie clicker and was wondering about how the game mechanics (i.e cookies as currency) and how they would work out in the real world and how society would shape to those set rules and boundaries.As i was thinking about how in the game we use cookies to pay for all the buildings and upgrades i started to think how an actual money system would work in this game, and that's my idea, switching the mechanics up and turning the cookies you make already into something you sell for money, of which you use said money to pay for everything.

Not only would this add a layer of depth, of how to micromanage how much cookies being produced and how much being sold.And would show for an opportunity to add more buildings of which sell cookies but also upgrades, achievements, and prestige aspects. This would allow cookie clicker to add just that one game mechanic that would spice it up and revive it from being stale at this point ( my opinion on the game right now, still fun though).

Another idea that could go with this when i was thinking about the game mechanics and real life was where are all the ingredients to make the cookies coming from, Which i propose as the player (yes you) to buy the ingredients necessary for some types of building that make cookies (i.e grandmas, Factory, Farm[Water only]) and buildings that don't require ingredients (i.e Mines, alchemy, cursor).I would stop right here as this is getting complicated enough i will next ideas (yes you heard me right) are a power mechanic and Wages.

A Power mechanic being buying certain buildings that generate power to run your other buildings (i.e Factory, antimatter condenser) And power outages if you buy to many buildings and overflow the power requirements.In my opinion this is my weakest idea compared to the others but i'm just going to put all my ideas out there!My next idea is wages and how you can pay your workers or not,if you don't pay your workers nothing is affected and the Cps stays the same, but if you pay your workers then Cps would increase for the building.Just a quirky idea as i think its the easiest to program out of the others.

And that's all my ideas. But As of right now i could not think of any achievements, buildings and upgrades for these ideas, but feel free to share your ideas in the comments as i will try to update this post when i come up with a idea on one of those mechanics.But as of right now thank you all for listening to my idea and i hope that this can be implemented in one form or another.As to be expected if these ideas are accepted by the community i do not think we would get this mechanic for a good 3-4 years as Orteil is already working on updates right now and this project would be a huge undertaking for him.Either way i will always love cookie clicker no matter what.

P.S please don't judge my grammar i just slapped this together at 3 Am so yeah i'm tired

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