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News Ticker Suggestion

ReepileReepile Member Posts: 1,703 ✭✭✭✭
edited July 2016 in Suggestions
so I was bored so I decided to remake the news ticker thingy, except going much higher than I should've. (No buildings, because this probably was worthless.

Cookie Based (Cookies earned)
Total 1 Cookie: "Your dog's food tastes better than your cookies"
Total 50 Cookies: "Your grandma despises your cookies, and wont share her recipe."
Total 500 Cookies: "The rats begin to desire more of your cookies"
Total 1,000 Cookies: "Your family appreciate your cookies"
Total 10,000 Cookies: "The next-door neighbour begs for your recipe"
Total 100,000 Cookies: "The street you live on know of your cookies"
Total 1,000,000 Cookies: "Local stores now want to sell your cookies"
Total 10,000,000 Cookies: "Your local newspaper promotes your doughy delights"
Total 100,000,000 Cookies: "All the cool kids now invite you to their parties"
Total 1,000,000,000 Cookies: "The city you live in is now called "Cookie Land""
Total 10,000,000,000 Cookies: "Scientists are now testing your cookies to see what makes them so delicious in flavour"
Total 100,000,000,000 Cookies: "Merchants come from far-away lands to trade their junk for your cookies"
Total 1 Trillion Cookies: "The mayor promotes your cookies greatly"
Total 10 Trillion Cookies: "Many countries look up to you, the cookie master"
Total 100 Trillion Cookies: "Richest man in the world says, "that's one delicious cookie""
Total 1 Quadrillion Cookies: "The continent renames itself to "Cookiest"
Total 10 Quadrillion Cookies: "The global world knows of your cookies. You are an official legend"
Total 100 Quadrillion Cookies: "NASA have decided to send some of your cookies to attract martians on mars"
Total 1 Quintillion Cookies: "You are invited to a special party for special people. You win a cookie."
Total 10 Quintillion Cookies: "Your cookies have gone galactic."
Total 100 Quintillion Cookies: "Alien races have travelled many light years to taste your cookies."
Total 1 Sextillion Cookies: "The galactic cluster cheers in celebration of your cookies."
Total 10 Sextillion Cookies: "Your cookies are so enriched in flavour a supernova occurred."
Total 100 Sextillion Cookies: "The whole universe now has shown it's true identity and shape. A cookie."
Total 1 Septillion Cookies: "Your cookies have inspired scientists, leading them to discover a Multiverse."
Total 10 Septillion Cookies: "People have been reported to use your cookies for deals with the devil, leading them to become godly."
Total 100 Septillion Cookies: "Ancient gods of the past have returned to take a bite off of your cookie."
Total 1 Octillion Cookies: "Your grandma is finally jealous."
Total 10 Octillion Cookies: "Time travellers have revealed themselves just for your cookies."
Total 100 Octillion Cookies: "A whole alien species has been created thanks to your cookies."
Total 1 Nonillion Cookies: "People are making rumours that the cookie god has visited earth."
Total 10 Nonillion Cookies: "You have so many cookies if you made a tower out of all of them, standing on eachother they would reach the end of the multiverse."
Total 100 Nonillion Cookies: "Congratulations, you just found the omniverse."
Total 1 Decillion Cookies: "Matter is warping into cookies."
Total 10 Decillion Cookies: "Dark energy is now cookie energy."
Total 100 Decillion Cookies: "The end. Everything that has ever existed is now cookie. Cookie. Cookie.."
Total 1 Undecillion Cookies: "C o o k i e........"
whats wrongwith me
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  • 100lol100lol Member, Wiener Posts: 1,760 ✭✭✭✭
    i expected something that explains why there is an eye for achievements
    Insert something purposely unfunny here
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