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My opinion on the playground ban

ReepileReepile Member Posts: 1,703 ✭✭✭✭
edited July 2016 in Off Topic
This is my opinion on the playground ban, not intended to offend anyone (I don't know how, sometimes I'm stupid)

I agree with it. Why? Because honestly, I used to come to the forum to see new, interesting off-topic posts which encouraged detailed discussion and lots of different IGM games. Now, only forum games are on. Well, I'm not one to chat, as I definitely contributed to the spam, and I want to apologise for that, didn't intend to clog the forum. I really like some forum games, but I feel lots of different games that aren't very active have just popped up and pushed the off-topic and general forums down. There are times I see only playground forum games, so I'm glad this has happened.

However, the still existing forum games are still a high majority of the forum. I know many will agree and disagree with me, but lots of people have been recently bumping forum games because we can't make anymore. I think at max 5 active forum games, maybe 4 should be on the front page of discussions. More makes it useless to even keep the ban as the clogging is still apparent. I don't want to rid forum games, just keep some active and most of the ones originally clogging up the threads away. That's why I'm only going to be hosting my forum game if people are really active on it.

Basically, tl;dr I like the playground ban, still people bumping old forum games and clogging, maybe somehow cleanup but I don't know. My overall statement is I agree with it and for the future of this forum (If it isn't dead by then because lets face it the forum is dying) we should keep the clogging a distant memory and try to reduce overloading the forum with forum games. I don't know why I made this thread.

I honestly don't know why I made this, so just ignore if you think stupid.
whats wrongwith me
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