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The banning of Forum Games

ChisakoChisako Posts: 1,034Moderator, Helpful, Cool, Conversationalist, Funny, Cake Mod
edited February 2017 in Playground
Since the Forum games section was literally abused as a post farm the past weeks and i'm just sick of it since all this so called "activity" is nothing but a farce - in fact it makes people leave the forums.
And the point when i read messages like "If that continues i don't see a reason to stay here" has already past.

That's why i ban the creation of new forum games temporary.
You can complain all you want, i don't care at this very moment.
You can continue playing what exists and if a game is dead, either revive it or play something else.

This decision is effective immediately and will stay active until any other mod/admin says something else.
dislike it, hate me, i couldn't care less.

"They can hide playground" you say? well, there WERE people enjoying their games until it became like it is now.
"Why didn't you do something about it earlier?" you ask? that's simple, i can't just ban the creation of new stuff just because i feel like it. as of now i have PLENTY of screenshots and reason to act this way and it is literally too much to list everything.

discussion about it is free but i won't take it back.

EDIT (July 29th):

After observing it for a few days I came to the following conclusion:

The ban is lifted for now.

But from today on we will have a small rule set for it:

- The creation of games is limited to ONE per User per day (this includes people with multiple accounts - don't you dare)

- Games have to be properly explained; Typos and mistakes can happen of course but a descriptions like
"blah blah blah teh eveil of someting came and rekt teh tower and captured da princess u must sav her do u accept teh challeng"

are not acceptable.

- Thread OP = Thread Mod; If you start a game, you are responsible for your players too. If they abuse a thread as a post farm (counting games excluded - they are literally post farms) you have to either stop them or report to a mod. Refusing to listen to the thread OP will be treated like not listening to a mod; first a warning, then ban, etc...

In additon, any other forum rules and netiquette has to be applied. Be polite, don't spam, etc etc

If the majority fails to stick to these rules I will consider to ban the games again without further notice. They are meant to have fun and not to satisfy a single person by increasing their post count.

Take note that any argument against the "one game per day" rule is invalid:

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