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Making Money (Forum Game) (BRAINSTORM FLAVOUR)

BrainstormBrainstorm Member Posts: 10,989 ✭✭✭✭✭
Welcome to Making Money!
In this game, you are to make money, but unlike others... the possibilities you have are infinite! You have to get through many different goals though, and when one person reaches a goal, he gets more money or perks!

Every person has his balance, and there will be a pastebin page for it. ( )
You can do anything you want, as long as you don't go overpowered else you will get WARNING: 2OP.
You can't rob or hack or harm any other players
You can get perks to multiply income of money or even events!

First goalset:

-Get a 25% money perk
-Reach a balance of $1K
-Encounter 4 events
"Calm your caps, bro." -Brainstorm

the following link is the best thing that could happen to you:

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