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The Game Of DashNet - A Collaborative Idle Game (ideas are welcome)

TheHeathensTheHeathens Posts: 661Member ✭✭✭
edited August 2016 in Games - Old
This is version of the thread is brand new. The other thread has failed miserably due to Trevin.


In @Cookie's profile, there was a discussion about making a community game. There were many people who said "Me!", and then there was, well, me.

I decided that I would make it for Cookie and everybody else here, so I made a new TitanPad (Like pastebin only collaborative) which has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except the lines:
Let's make a game! -The Game of Dashnet -by Dashnet Folks (idea by Cookie, compiled by TheHeathens) -v 1.0.0

I hereby commence an avalanche of ideas (if there is one) to fill this game with a chock full of ideas.

Here are the people who decided to support Cookie with this game:
- @Goldra
- @Brainstorm
- @Mage_VFX
- @FeisarFlash52
- @Purge
- @MiningcookiesVIII
- @RunninginReverse
- and of course, me, @TheHeathens

A few of us agreed to make the game directly using the TitanPad:
- @Brainstorm
- @RunninginReverse
- @FeisarFlash52
- And @Cookie and me, @TheHeathens.

Please help us in making the first actually fun community game (as far as I can tell), not some disaster like Trevin did to a previous TitanPad.

Send away!



All of your ideas are going to be implemented, but there will be some that are just plain ridiculous. So, these ridiculous ideas will have to get removed.

Also, there will be universes, which means all your ideas are a universe itself. Eventually your universe will collide with another, thus having Multi-verse Synergies. If you don't want your universe to be affected, well, sorry, but that's not accepted. You're gonna collide eventually.

If you want access to the TitanPad, you will have to make sure that you are truly responsible and that you will not spam the game with nonsense stuff and trolls. We're beefing up security this time around.

All "Game of DashNet"s posted by @TrevinMaciel are NOT OFFICIAL. I repeat, NOT OFFICIAL.

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