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Cosmos Civilizations RPG

CalamityCalamity Posts: 15,094Member, Friendly ✭✭✭✭✭
Exploring the cosmos planets and star systems will litter your path . It is your job to clean , eradicate and organize the thing that is the Cosmos for your new race . Starting out on a random planet is where you will begin your journey . Every post (every turn) is where you can gain points to advance your society and experiment and manipulate the planet . Maybe later multiple planets and eventually the cosmos.

Classes :

- Conquerer -
"Focuses on possessing multiple planets and optimizing the strength of their fleet."
- Pioneer -
"Concentrates on research and discovering new things."
- Capitalist -
"The center of their attention is profits and if there is any way to earn more they will."

How to begin :

1 ) Name your leader
2 ) Pick your leaders gender
3 ) Describe the appearance of your leader
3 ) Choose your class (found above)
4 ) Create your race (Appearance , traits , weaknesses, habits )
5 ) Create your subraces (How they are different , their individual strengths , appearance differences)
6 ) Describe the society you live in
7 ) Pick a tech level (Low tech (Medieval) , tech savvy (the 1800's) , high tech(now),futuristic(hovercars , clones , etc)
8 ) Name your planet
9 ) Describe your planets appearance
10 ) Name your capital city
11 ) Pick a set of coordinates (1-99,1-99,1-99) Pick a number 1 through 99 for each one.

Now go out there and make your civilization the greatest there ever was!
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  • CalamityCalamity Posts: 15,094Member, Friendly ✭✭✭✭✭
    Cookie :

    1 ) Seris Flame (Sehr-is)
    2 ) Female
    3 ) Humanoid , slender , muscled . 6'1 . Pale skin , yellow eyes. Purple hair , with white tips at the end of the hair . Wears red , white and black military uniforms with plate-mail beneath. Other times kimonos with frills.
    3 ) Conquorer
    4 ) The Origas

    Possessing charm out of this world they look feminine and mostly are females , with tanned or pale skinned bodies . When paired with blue and other time brown eyes they are very desirable. They look attractive but they also make great warriors. They don't really like tech , but they do admire weapons . They use those in battle especially physical weapons , and they often fight with each other to see who is a better warrior.
    Saints are chosen by picking the strongest from each subrace. The leader has been always a female.

    5 ) They have last names based on their sub-race since each race has distinct traits.
    they always look down on the other subraces , causing a cycle of hatred and look up to the leader, even going to look down upon the strongest of there own race.


    Those with the subrace of frost have a gray tinge to their skin , they also possess silver eyes and they are more slender than other members of the race. They also have silver hair , the lighter it is the purer it is. They are the intellectual types and take everything in before they contribute to any discussions.

    They have white eyes , slender bodies and they are of average height . They are good tacticians and they are a cut above the rest in survival skills . Their instincts are top notch. They really hate flames more than the universal animosity of the subraces allows.

    The subrace of shadow is unique in the aspect that the people have pitch black eyes , they are bigger as well by a decent amount as well. They also have a black tail . They are reclusive and don't talk unless spoken to .

    They have red hair , the same as a flame. They have longer hair and they have muscle but are not overbearing. They tend to be more determined and aggressive. They really like military uniforms. Like its the perfect gift if you want to get into there good graces.

    They lack the feminine physique , and they are masculine actually look a lot like brutes if they were compacted into a smaller body, well they are huge just not behemoth sized , muscled and tall compared to others of this race about 6'3 on average . They often carry Ivy on their shoulder . They make great warriors and easily trustable.

    They have a small physique most only being 4'11 but they have the physique of grown women , they have blonde hair and blue eyes more often than not . They like when things go boom and they pair well with Craters.

    Green hair and a better figure then most of the other subraces . They make good druids and are more in tune with nature . Most possess a deep rooted respect for nature, so they are more passive than the other subraces. They love flowers!

    They are labeled as ideal mating partners and are quite rare so they are valued. They have purple eyes and hair . Their hair is spiky , being clean cut . They are 9 times out of 10 male and they are average height 6'0 . They easily fall in love with the subrace flames. Though they are better left alone. They love seeing people be crazy.

    While not as ideal as the Griga for mating they are humorous and not bad to look at . They have shorter life spans and there light blue hair is crazy looking . They are guaranteed to be males as of yet . They like water , they get along well with other races and they are really tall . 6'8. Water for the win!

    6 ) Status is given to those who are born from the winter and frost subrace , the other subraces are looked down upon . Everyone who is normal isn't and they have decent potential to get a better life. Or if you accomplish something great.
    7 ) Low-tech
    8 ) Garaara
    9 ) Dark black , 2 gold rings rotating around the planet. most of the surface is land , very little of it is water. Very distinct lack of clouds. No weather just very humid.
    10 ) Versita
    11 ) (7,3,9)
    Compete with others to become the strongest of all! (Forum Game)
  • DoomlordKravokaDoomlordKravoka Posts: 3,374Member, Wiener ✭✭✭✭✭
    If you're making a science fiction game with tech levels then there should be more than one kind of futuristic or at least alternate tech paths. Consider some of these pages for inspiration
  • BrainstormBrainstorm Posts: 11,223Member ✭✭✭✭✭


    A tall dude with horns and a tail, coloured blue but can transform to look exactly like a human.


    Orphunium: Blue creatures from the planet of Zzurk, they have horns and a tail and are quick and agile, they can transform to any shape as long as it matches their size, like humans and other humanoid creatures. Orphunnia (Plural for one Orphunnis) love playing mind games and tricks, and leaders of them are power-lovers. They are strong against electricity and water and weak against physical damage.

    Zylum Orphunium: Orphunnia that are a little more light in color and a bit faster, but have a higher temper. The difference is an increase in agility and strength and elemental skill, decrease in durability and elemental weakness.

    I live in a planet called Zzurk, a planet with 6 different sub-races of the main race Orphunium and 19 of the race Digler. The planet is controlled by a man of Pletine Orphonium called Emperor Frukk. I live in the main kingdom, my father is a legend in the history of the Zzurkian Wars.



    A large planet, a few million miles larger than Jupiter, the colour is also light blue and has large rings like Saturn. It is 25% water, 56% land, and 21% deadly gas. Diglers live in the deadly gas where they grow in power and attack the kingdom from the inside.

    Xylot Kingdom

    (81, 9, 20)

    Orphunium races:

    1- Pletine Orphunnia: The royal Orphunnia, darker in blue colour and they have more Strength and Durability and less Elemental Prowess.

    2- Zylum Orphunnia: Mentioned earlier

    3- Radiz Orphunnia: The evil sub-race of the Orphunium, more dark and has a small tint of red, Radiz help in upgrading the Digler and their technology, they have an increase in durability and intelligence and decrease in strength.

    4- Groggur Orphunnia: Very unintelligent sub-race, they live in rural areas and usually work as farmers or attack forces. Extreme decrease in intelligence, increase in all other stats especially strength. They are more dark and have a brown tint.

    5- Oshum Orphunnia: Orphunnia that live underwater, they are lighter blue in colour and have a higher agility and intelligence and decrease in durability.

    6- Sakra Orphunnia: Sacred sub-race extinct many millions of years ago, they exist as frozen bodies in many temples, they have an extreme increase in all stats but extreme decrease in temper, dangerous! They are yellow and green unlike other Orphunnia.

    7- Halla Orphunnia: Normal orphunnia whom usually are the veins of the planet, most are merchants and workers and engineers and other jobs. Their color is the normal blue and their stats are stable.

    8- Shlekk Orphunnia: Black and gray Orphunnia which have great darkness in their hearts, most are thieves and gangsters, they have an increase in agility and elemental prowess and a decrease in controllability.

    9- This race has not been discovered yet.
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