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What number script do you like to use?

TrevinMacielTrevinMaciel Posts: 1,017Member
edited July 2016 in Developer's Lounge
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What number script do you like to use? 9 votes

The metric prefixes. (k, M, G, T, P, E, Z and Y.)
k, M, B, T, q, Q, s, S, o, n, etc.
Reepile 1 vote
k, M B, T, Qa, Qn, Sx, Sp, Oc, No, etc.
Zyzzyzusmedsal15222lawlawlawl_gamesBrainstormIamN5 5 votes
Sandcastle Builder's. (K-Y + U, S, H, etc.)
TrevinMaciel 1 vote
Other: (Please put it in the comments.)
CookieGuyClicker 1 vote
Scientific Notation (Numbers like 1e3.)
Shylight 1 vote


  • ReepileReepile Posts: 1,552Member ✭✭✭✭
    k, M, B, T, q, Q, s, S, o, n, etc.
    Option 2 and 3 are technically the same apart from 2nd letters.
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