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This is the official game thread of The Nexus Web. If you wish to sign up, please go to this thread. You can still sign up no matter what progress the others are at right now.


Connecting has never been more important.


1. This game is PG-13. Please make it stay that way.
2. Interactions with other players include relationships, bromances, friendships, alliances and enemies. I will accept them all.
3. Backstabs too, are allowed.
4. No cheating. Don't go all "I kill everybody I win".
5. Please pay attention to your environment. If I say that's not allowed, that's not allowed.
6. Have fun! (Maybe not, but who cares)

There will be more rules, but they spoil the future.


Name of fictional character: Aaron Fawkes-Solite
Sexuality: M and Straight
Age: 16

Appearance: He has shaggy black hair, a medium-sized half-pointed-half-round nose, and normal lips, although he does have a small cut on the left side if his lips. He has blue eyes, round ears, and he is pale. His chin is normal (I don't know the word for that). He's skinny, although he has some strength. His choice of clothes are a black hoodie, a white shirt saying SUDO LOOK AT THIS SHIRT, a black belt, black pants with the holes leaving some exposed skin, and white sneakers.

Power: Telekinesis
Disabilit(y/ies): Bad against fire, and not really good in hand-to-hand combat

Backstory: He only knows his girlfriend, Sandra, and the memories they had together since they were seven.

Do you wish to be the Forgotten, the Roamers, or the Deserted? The Forgotten (I promise you that this is randomly chosen)

Name: Brainstorm (Yeah, just brainstorm.)
S.ty: Male and straight
Age: 19

Description: A warrior that has trained in the arts of the Maia Warfare, very fluent with the two-blades and great in agility and strength. I am six feet tall, I wear light but strong armor and am pretty good when it comes to hit-and-run. I am pretty healthy (And super hot), too, and I have a small shnoogle (A tiny fighting dog).

Power: Increased Input of Senses, mostly focused on Agility and Strength.
Disabilities: I can't give up easily

Backstory: I have been training with my father, a legendary assassin, for 7 years, until he was killed and I had to run away and leave my village to end up where I am now. I had to fight many monsters and evil creatures, and lived in a cave until I was 18 years old. I left for a chance to work in (Where we are) and failed until today...

the forgotten

Name of fictional character: Mark Leohny
Alias: Frost
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 17

Short, spiky hair, dyed red except for the temples, where it remains black. A black blazer over a grey T-shirt, black jeans and red sneakers. He has noticable stubble, and cold blue eyes. His head is kind of egg-shaped, and he does wear glasses. He is normally pale, not extremely, but it doesn't seem like he sees much sunlight. When channeling his powers, his eyes glow light blue. After about 10 minutes of near-constant power usage, his skin turns even paler, about as pale as human skin can get.

Power: Ice Creation and Manipulation.
Disabilit(y/ies): He is near-sighted, turning his glasses into a weakness; get rid of them, he'll have a harder time landing hits.

(Told first person, Mark's perspective, the narration happening in the future)
"My name is Mark Leohny. When I was a child, I was forced to watch my father murder my own mother. He was later sentenced to death. I was moved from family to family after that, until I was permanently adopted by the Leohny family. I woke up one day amongst the Nexus Web, with powers I couldn't quite understand. I decided to use these powers...To protect those who need it, amongst the Nexus Web. I am Frost."

Leohny will be a Roamer.

Name of fictional character: Vanaria Bloodpurge
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 21
Freya is a buxom woman who falls below the average measurements for height . She possesses wavy black hair that goes beyond her waist . She often wraps her hair in a large green ribbon and is further contrasted with her bright emerald colored eyes. She wears a silver chestplate over her her military uniform with a green tie . Covering her legs is a short red skirt with black tracing and brown boots with silver shin guards covering over her sandals. She has a metal holster for a silver broadsword The sword has a dark brown hilt. To protect her hands she has dark black rubber gloves with silver knuckle guards.

Power: Materializing

Disabilities: Does not know when they are hungry or full

Backstory: Previously in the military as a high ranking captain before she was of the people kidnapped and now she is looking for a way to discover more about who she is and more about the nexus. She heard about it before but it is so different than what she heard about it and now she is struggling to get used to it as her new life changes the people around her and perhaps the world.

Do you wish to be the Forgotten, the Roamers, or the Deserted? Forgotten


If you wanna know what the benefits and the downsides of being in each Nexi type are, first sign up. Then you will be invited to our PM.

The Forgotten:
Who are the Forgotten? @TheHeathens (Aaron Fawkes-Solite), @Brainstorm (Brainstorm), @Cookie (Vanaria Bloodpurge)

The Roamers:
Who are the Roamers? @RunninginReverse (Mark Leohny/Frost) @pinkydash (Zack)

The Deserted:
Who are the Deserted? None yet.


Please see the sign-up thread to see where and how you start.


They're more surprising than you may think.

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