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The Playground -- Minigames, different games, battle strategies, counting? dragons, and DAMES

BrainstormBrainstorm Posts: 11,223Member ✭✭✭✭✭
Welcome to the playground!
This thread is like a gaming box, all kinds of games are introduced here! Winners of games get points to upgrade themselves.
Games will be introduced here every once in a while, the games will be like many games in the playground section, RPGs, kill the monster, counting? etc... Beating a game gets you points, and with enough points, you can buy stuff or upgrade yourself in your HOME
Your home is usually built by you, everything there is by you and you get to upgrade yourself there, or even buy pets!
You can upgrade many things in the playground, most notably your tier levels.
Tier levels
Tier levels are:
Tier 0
You start at this tier.
Tier 1
Boosts stats by 25% in all minigames/games , costs 100 GamePoints
Tier 2
Boosts stats by 50% in all minigames/games and unlocks "Advanced tier items", costs 600 GP and requires your account to be level 2
Tier 3
Boosts stats by 100% in all minigames/games, costs 5000 GP
Tier 4
Boosts stats by 200% in all minigames/games, costs 25K GP and unlocks "Proffessional tier items", also requires a level 3 account.
Tier 5
Boosts stats by 500% in all minigames/games, costs 100K GP
Tier 6
Boosts stats by 1000% in all minigames/games, unlocks "Master-tier items", also requires a level 4 account, costs 500K GP
Tier 7
Boosts stats by 2500% in all minigames/games, costs 4M GP
Final Tier
Boosts stats by 9999% in all minigames/games, requires final pass from me. It also requires a level 5 account and costs 10M GP

How to start the game?
Simple, just comment saying:
Your username: @Brainstorm
Your preffered boost: (Cashy, Expy, Goins)
Gender: Male
Cashy: Earn more GP
Expy: Upgrade faster
Goins: More, better stats

We shall begin with our games with the first player.
"Calm your caps, bro." -Brainstorm

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