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When should you first ascend?

moosernamemoosername Posts: 58Member ✭✭
When should you do your first ascension?


  • SekhmetSekhmet Posts: 172Member ✭✭
    My advice is to wait until you have a bit more than a hundred HC. With that, you'll buy the permanent upgrade slot for 100 and a couple of nice other heavenly upgrade that will boost your next run.

    For your second ascension, wait until you have at least 1,111 HC, and go for the season switcher (that will open a whole new things to do).
  • ChisakoChisako Posts: 1,034Moderator, Helpful, Cool, Conversationalist, Funny, Cake Mod

    that question was asked multiple times, try to look up older threads first, they give you clues about it.
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