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Binding of Isaac Afterbirth Top 10s!



  • DarkyDarky Posts: 958Member, Friendly, Cool, Funny ✭✭✭✭✭

    It's been a bit, and this is my 16,000th post, so, ehh, why the heck not? Top 5 most OP items.

    5. Magic Mushroom: Don't be fooled; this is NOT just a regular all stats up item. Specifically, it multiplies your damage by 1.5x. Permanently. It's almost insane how hard you'll be hitting.
    4. +Shot items (20/20, Inner Eye, Mutant Spider): Here, have what's effectively a DPS multiplier. Not only can you not worry about aiming as much, 20/20 in particular IS a DPS multiplier in the form of a x2 multiplier. Have fun, kiddos.
    3. Glowing Hourglass: What's that? Got yourself into a pickle? Don't worry, Glowing Hourglass is here to completely save you. Oh? The Donation Machine jammed, you say? Just use this! Machine unjams, and all your coins you donated remain. Oh, and you got those coins back, too. And a measly 2 recharge for an item that can outright BREAK donation machines, much less save your entire run, that's a lot!
    2. All Guppy Items: Already stellar items on their own, with Guppy's Head being a reliable source of flies and Dead Cat giving you 9 revivals, if you get 3, every tear you land a hit with spawns a blue fly. Every. Single. Hit. If you have high tears, this can be a lifesaver. Lord help those poor enemies if you have Hive Mind, or the very next item...
    1. Brimstone: Do I have to fucking explain it? Guaranteed 13x damage multiplier, infinite range, with only a charge holding you back. It's a dream come true when this shows up. And if you have Tammy's Head...

    Honorable mentions: Death's Touch, Dark Bum, Incubus, Restock.
    No ingame images 3/10 /s

    but yea, I agree. Cricket's Head is also good because its also gives the 1.5x Damage Multiplier.
  • GouchnoxGouchnox Posts: 6,475Member, Friendly, Cool, Conversationalist ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Best two-item synergies
    Basically when two items work together in a very op way.
    • 6 - image image Double Steam Sale: If you have never played this game and somehow still take a look at this thread (mkay), then you might not know that getting two Steam Sales will make every item in the shop free. This is the most basic gamebreak in the book, with maybe the exception of Blank Card Jera (jera isn't an item). You can buy anything you want, and in greed mode that means infinite everything. Of course, in a normal run, you would need Restock to make this synergy more op, which is why it's quite low on this list. That being said it's still very satisfying and broken.
    • 5 - image image Brimstone Tammy: With Brimstone, you shoot a giant laser of doom. With Tammy, you shoot 8. GG WP, that's a room cleaner for you right there.
    • 4 - image image Dr Ipecac: If you manage to get Ipecac and Dr Fetus, you will be impervious to your explosions. Buuuuut also you shoot bombs deal massive damage and like, armageddon and stuff. Yeah I know you can argue that Dr Fetus + Host Hat or Dr Fetus + Kamikaze would be the same if not better, but these items work so well together, and I don't care it's my list.
    • 3 - image image image Heart Blade: This is either Isaac's Heart + Razor Blade or Isaac's Heart + Blood Rights. Both work here even though the Razor one is more op. Basically, when you have Isaac's Heart, you can use a damaging spacebar item infinitely. That can be IV Bag, but oh boy what is infinite coins compared to infinite damage or just infinite room cleaning. Get in a room, spam A, good job, well played, nicely done, congrats.
    • image image Pyrokaze: Kamikaze explodes you every time you press A, Pyromaniac heals you each time you explode. Like.... what is there to add? Infinite health, you are unkillable. And on top of that, infinite explosions. The only reason it's not in top 1 is because it doesn't favor full soul builds, or some characters like Blue Baby or The Lost.
    • image image Infinite Hourglass: "But Gouchnox, how is it possible to get a better two-item combo than faceroll room cleaning and just plain infinite health?" you ask. Well, sit down and listen you impatient virtual shithead (jk). This combo isn't necessarily more broken than, say, #2 or #3, but come on it's so good. With Infinite Hourglass, you can just press A to leave your current room. Everything that happened in it will be "forgotten" (items you took, health you lost, everything). Aaaaand it's infinite, meaning that you can spam A to your heart's content. So basically if you didn't catch me that means you're invincible. No matter what character your playing, what setup you have, you're invincible. I mean.... so sexy. Also with that you can farm Eden Tokens. A lot of Eden Tokens.

    Inb4 Uio complaining, people pointing out things I forgot and other shit of the same idea.
    image Packs: (CC ~ MC ~ BoI ~ DNF) image
  • UiomancantUiomancant Posts: 9,964Member, Cool, Flagger ✭✭✭✭✭
    This list is totally fine.
    What's a sig btw
  • GouchnoxGouchnox Posts: 6,475Member, Friendly, Cool, Conversationalist ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Phew, thank god.

    btw regarding the list, an Infinite Hourglass is probably the only thing I would give up my wooden nickel to as Keeper.
    image Packs: (CC ~ MC ~ BoI ~ DNF) image
  • GouchnoxGouchnox Posts: 6,475Member, Friendly, Cool, Conversationalist ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Trying a new listing formula with the worst items list. Makes things clearer and simpler. Added a couple items and re ordered things, though the order doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things.
    image Packs: (CC ~ MC ~ BoI ~ DNF) image
  • UiomancantUiomancant Posts: 9,964Member, Cool, Flagger ✭✭✭✭✭
    What happened to megablast?
    What's a sig btw
  • GouchnoxGouchnox Posts: 6,475Member, Friendly, Cool, Conversationalist ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    What happened to megablast?

    I'll get back to you when I can actually test it and tell the pros and the cons.
    image Packs: (CC ~ MC ~ BoI ~ DNF) image
  • CookiewoodstockCookiewoodstock Posts: 16,175Member, Flagger ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Gouchnox said:

    What happened to megablast?

    I'll get back to you when I can actually test it and tell the pros and the cons.
    >cracked dice is locked
    >cracked dice is number 3 on worst trinkets

    ETC. ETC.
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