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THE MONSTER + (New forum game DLC to to THE MONSTER)

BrainstormBrainstorm Posts: 11,223Member ✭✭✭✭✭
Since TM got so many good impact, I have made this!
TM+ has rules similar to those of the original game (Link here: )
But, of course, this is more RPG-y, why? Because everyone gets his own monster!
Some info:
1-Everybody gets a monster if he just says "Spawn an egg!", nobody could interfere with any others' monster!
2-People can duel their monsters by challenging others, winners get medals. To duel, a monster must reach a certain level.
3-Tournaments will be held soon, I will tell the rules when they start.
4-You are all parts of one, small, kingdom. You should work together, like it or not.
5-You can fuse your monster with that of others, but if you do an inter-player fusion, both players will get the ability to interact with him and use him. It is more recommended to do in-player fusions though, which is to fuse two of your monster
6-You can get more monsters by certain methods, but you can't interact with them. They will however interact on rare occasions known as "events", just like starter monsters.
7- Your kingdom will be attacked every once in a while, so keep your guards up!
8- You can form a Monster Group after a certain level (when i say so.), it brings many players together and helps monsters interact together and play together, and even have friendly duels. It also accounts for Guild Wars.
9- "Mega Events" will happen one to four times a day, you will see what they are soon...

The kingdom's name will be chosen by TM's first player, who is @Cookie . So go ahead, cookie!

Kingdom stats:
Kingdom name: Will be chosen by Cookie
Location: Middle of a Forest
Level: 0
Tournaments Held: 0
Defense Level: 0
Attack level: 0
Kingdom Riches: 0 Exo 0 Chr 0 BD 0 Pl 0 G 0 S 0 B
Tournament Heroes: None
Masters: 0
World Champions: 0
Monster Groups: 0 (None)
Defense towers: None
Exonium: 0
Bosses defeated: 0

You shall begin!
"Calm your caps, bro." -Brainstorm

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