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Adventure of a Game Developer (Forum Game)

BrainstormBrainstorm Posts: 11,227Member ✭✭✭✭✭
edited June 2016 in Playground
Since two people have done this, I thought that... Wynaut?

To start this forum game, fill the following application

Company name: (Dooflewizzle Companiz)
First game name: (Dooflewizzle Rizzle)
You're specialties (Artwork, Code, Bugfixing, Storyline and plot, Creativity, Playerbase, Cash): Cash and Creativity

(Artwork: Gives a 50% bonus to all artwork you make
Code: Gives a 15% overall bonus to all game quality perks
Bugfixing: Bug fixing fixes more bugs, less likely to encounter bugs while developing game
Storyline and plot: Games always have a good point, less likely for people to complain about game
Creativity: 35% bonus to Creativity of game
Playerbase: Bonus to players playing your game, less likely to get negative comments.
Cash: 20% bonus to cash gained and 50% bonus to starting cash)

When you make a game, fill this application:
Game name: Dooflewizzle Rizzle
Game genre: Puzzle/Adventure
Game Description: DR is a puzzle game, you have to match wizzles to get them into your Dooflewizzle jar, fill your dooflewizzle jar to beat the level and earn money to buy upgrades!
Main Concentrations (2 max): Artwork and Idea
Budget: (Insert amount of money here)
Before you start a game, I want to tell you that you start with only 10 dollars. Minimum budget for a good game is 100 dollars, how to get money? You can work!

Mop a Toilet: No skill requirements, earns 6 dollars. Uses 2 energy (You have 10 energy, sleeping regains energy to 10.)
Work in a diner: level 1 requirement, earns 10 dollars. Uses 3 energy
Make artwork for another company: requires owning at least 1 game, earns 50-2 million dollars, based on your quality. Uses up 6 energy
Make basic code for another company: no requirements, uses up 5 energy and earns 1-1 billion dollars, based on skill AND popularity.

Now, you shall begin like this:

Popularity: Unknown
Reputation: Idk
Cash: $10
Games published: 0
Games in progress: 0
Favourite genre: None

"Calm your caps, bro." -Brainstorm

the following link is the best thing that could happen to you:

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