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Game Keeper

CalamityCalamity Member, Friendly Posts: 15,090 ✭✭✭✭✭
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Hire , and craft a game of your dreams then release that game into the world. Should it do bad the fault might lie with the advertising or the fact that the servers are sucky . Underneath all the future hardship , lies control . Control the future by shaping a plethora of games that can range from MMO's to first person shooters even idle games if you so wish.

To begin start by naming your company , and then spend the small sum of 100 dollars , yep thats your budget so what you allocate the funds to may change the fate of your game company.

Games are released whenever you want , but weither or not there good is up to the effort spent , luck and amount of bugs in games.

Here is a convenient number range for the tiers of games

(1-30) Nooby Games
(31-120) Beginner Games
(120-400) Intermediate Games
(401-750) Experienced Games
(751-1100) Expert Games
(1101-1900) Indie Games
(1901-2700) A Games
(2701-4000) AA Games)
(4001-10000+) AAA Games
Discover to unlock


Say the words and they do what they say

Code / Programs the game (need code program)
Art / Makes art based on current programs (need art program)
Bugfix / Fixes any errors that you might have made in your code , or your art (need code program)
Advertise (Takes multiple turns) / Brings attention to your project
Convert to F2P / Removes price from game , higher multiplier for views
Release Patch (Game has to be released on Smog or custom game updater) / Temporarily adds more views
Release Expansion (Game has to be released on Smog or custom game updater) / Tons of new extra funds and Tons of views , if ths Expansion is bad many will hate on the game losing you money
Release DLC (Game has to be released on Smog or custom game updater) / Some extra funds and some views if the quality is good


-2D Art-
Concept Artist - $19/Day
Graphic Designer - $27/Day
Computer Programmer - $12/Day
Code Monkey - $30/Day
Internet Security Advisor - $75
Body Guard - $120/Day
-3D Art-
Graphic Rigger - $25/Day
Graphic Modeler - $26/Day
Asset Animator - $17/Day
Advertiser - $41/Day
Software Engineer - $13/Day
Tech Agent - $30/Day
Legal Advisor - $90/Day
Lawyer - $8/Day
Game Tester - $15/Day

Programs :


Knotpad - FREE
-Art- - FREE
Blimp - FREE


Knotpad ++ - $5
PhotonShop - $200
Splash - $120
Before Effects - $80
Neutrality - $275


Standard Laptop - $80
Gaming Laptop - $420
Old Desktop - $500
Refurbished Desktop - $750
Gaming Desktop - $1100
ErrorForce Desktop - $2400
Small Tower - $2900
Medium Tower - $5700
Large Tower - $8200
Extra Large Tower - $11000
Extreme Tower - $27000


Small Apartment (2 Max Occupants (1/2) - $30/Month /<> $350/Month x 12 to buy (4 Rooms)
Medium Apartment (6 Max Occupants (1/6) - $90/Month /<> $1020/Month x 12 to buy (12 Rooms)
Large Apartment (18 Max Occupants (1/18) - $270/Month /<> $3060/Month x 12 to buy (36 Rooms)

Current Companies:

Released game leaderboards :

None yet released

Changes :
001 forum game made
002 Added comparison list of game qualities

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