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Delicious Cookie III

TrevinMacielTrevinMaciel Posts: 1,017Member
edited July 2016 in Playground
I'm gonna run this new game until the end!

This is a complete copy of...

This edition is better!


1. There is a cookie. Instead of focusing on mass producing, you try to make the MOST DELICIOUS COOKIE IN THE WORLD!
2. You cannot "eat the cookie".
3. You must add in ingredients to this cookie, such as whipped cream for a bit more deliciousness. Your imagination is the limit to what you can add to the cookie, even flavor spaceships!
4. I decide on how much deliciousness it adds.
5. You can create your second post within one round after 5 posts from other peoples in that one round, OR if it's been since one day I've updated the thread.
6. Your goal is to create the largest cookie (Size increase by amount of deliciousness gained) and to get the trophies!
7. Have fun (Not optional) >:3
Example for people still stuck:
Me: The cookie currently has 0 deliciousness
It's size is: Normal
It's deliciousness is: mmm

Poster1: Add whipped cream!
Poster2: Add yum sauce!
Me: @poster1 +25 Deliciousness
Me: @poster2

CURRENT STATS: (Updated every 1-4 days or so)

(X) = Not done (✔) = Done
Paper Trophy - 1f X
Dirt Trophy - 1p X
Gravel Trophy - 1n X
Sand Trophy - 1μ X
Dust Trophy - 1m X
Clay Trophy - 1 X
Iron Trophy - 1k X
Bronze Trophy - 1M X
Silver Trophy - 1G X
Gold Trophy - 1T X
Emerald Trophy - 1P X
Ruby Trophy - 1E X
Diamond Trophy - 1Z X
Obsidian Trophy - 1Y
Amethyst Trophy - 1X X
Unobtainium Trophy - 1V X
Tektite Trophy - 1U X
Hyper - Umpty X
Mega - 1S X
Super - 1H X
Ultra - 1F X
Extra Trophy - 1L X
Uber Trophy - 1W X

Cookie +0

Deliciousness: 1.3y
Deli-Level: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Size: Smaller than 10^-36.
"Dude, I'm pretty sure you can't just quote yourself." "After this game is finished we will celebrate... by starting a "Count to 25,000 starting from 10,000" thread!" -Brainstorm
"You're gonna have a bad time." -Running In Reverse "" -Cookie
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