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Newbie dev looking for some help

ChristianHChristianH Member Posts: 2
I was wondering if someone out there had a little bit of in-depth knowledge into having multiple resources and clickables.

What I really need is a crash course in making sure that my variables stay in line, and some assistance on using 2 resources to create a 3rd resource

What I have at the moment is this:

Resources : *Money -named Money|Moneys -displayed as %a money%s -visible *Thread -named Thread|Threads -displayed as %a Tread%s -visible *Fabric -named Fabric|Fabrics -displayed as %a Fabric%s -visible *T-shirt -names T-shirt|T-shirts -displayed as %a T-shirt% -visible Clickables : *Maketshirt -gives 1 t-shirt -converts 2 fabric and 0,5 thread to 1 t-shirt -visible -named Make t-shirt -picture : no picture yet *Selltshirt -converts 1 t-shirt to 50 money -visible -named Sell t-shirt -picture : no picture yet

Can anyone tell me if i'm headed in the right direction with the ''convert'' function?
Money are used to purchase Thread and Fabric.... like so:

Buildings : *BuyFabric -"The finest fabric your kind can buy.. for now." -costs 15 money -gives 1 fabric -named buy fabric|buy fabrics -visible -picture : no picture yet *BuyThread -"The finest thread your kind can buy.. for now." -costs 2 money -gives 1 fabric -named buy thread|buy threads -visible -picture : no picture yet

Seeing as i'm completely new at this, and coding in general, I was hoping that someone could help me outline (Perhaps with colors or bold tags) the way that the variable names are connected across buildings and resources?

If anyone wants to skype about idle games in general i'm certainly up for that.



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