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Some more problems

CalamityCalamity Member, Friendly Posts: 15,083 ✭✭✭✭✭
Problem 1

When I add X being the section name , the names not getting hidden , I cant find any resolution for it either any help for this problem would be helpful


Problem 2

The cost of a villager is going to zero after I purchase a worker , its not making any sense

Problem 3

I cant center the tool tip over to the edge and not passed it , it cuts off and thats not acceptable :)

Problem 4

I am unable to figure out how to color resources , buildings and clickables


  • medsal15medsal15 Member Posts: 103 ✭✭
    To fix problem 1: I suggest looking into the WD CSS, you might find what you need there.
    Problem 2: I don't know why, post the link so I can check.
    Problem 3: Blame IGM. There is a script to fix it. Link:
    Problem 4: Add .[class] {font-color:[color]} to your CSS. Note that .[class] must be added as classed [class] to the element(s). Or replace it with #building-[building].
    I always give people what they want. Unless I can't.
    I'm still learning english so I probably make some mistakes. I will correct myself if I find it.
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