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TelluriumTellurium Posts: 5,359Friendly, Cool, Idle Game Master, Conversationalist, Turquoise Mod
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2016-12-25 - My second public release, for Christmas:

Luriguitar™ - Aged Festive Garb

-- Download link --

1. Definitely Jingle Bells
2. Not Jingle Bells, pt. 2
3. Completely Unrelated

8 minutes total, half the length of the last one but 6 months later and a big improvement in quality all around. I hope there'll be equivalent improvements in my future releases! I'm still not sure I can call it "good" (maybe next time), but there are bits that I'm quite happy with.

And now featuring drums, which sound pretty bad because it's my dad's old drum set that's been sitting in the basement in a state of disrepair for 10+ years. I'll do research on how to get them sounding good. :p


Original post:

I'm making this a thread because I'll definitely have more to show at some point; for now it's just @Darkmatterfire's birthday present.

I've been playing guitar since somewhere from late last year to early this year and doing at least an hour of practice every day for 2 of those months (lots of those hours on this community's Discord group); probably a couple hundred hours of practice total. I'm not very good yet (need a lot more of my 10,000 hours), but I'm steadily improving and as evidenced here I've reached the point where I can make song-type things that aren't totally awful. Once I can make song-type things that actually sound good (oh, how I dream of that day), I'll change my "stage name" to something less silly than "Luriguitar™". :P

My first and currently only music release (2016-06-09):

Luriguitar™ - Shitty Guitar for the Dankflames

-- Download link --

The track listing, full of international chart-toppers:

1. Not Jingle Bells
2. Crispy & Sizzle
3. How To Get Gains?
4. Damattefir
5. KappaPride

18 minutes total. All written* and performed by me, with the exception of a small sample of Jingle Bells written by whoever wrote Jingle Bells.
Amateur guitar that would probably make an experienced guitar person cringe constantly, for my only fan most regular listener's birthday (@Darkmatterfire). It's better, or at least much more polished, than anything I've played on Discord; hope you like it!

Also the cover art is better than the music... I'll get better, much better. :p

*well, there wasn't any actual writing involved (except for the titles), just messing around and finding things that sounded good enough.
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