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CookiewoodstockCookiewoodstock Posts: 16,175Member, Flagger ✭✭✭✭✭✭
edited February 2017 in Help
Let's get this out of the way; your save is your responsibility. We cannot magically recover your saves 99% of the time. Don't make a thread about how you randomly lost your save and expect us to fix it, because, truth be told, we can't fix these things magically, and we cannot mystically vomit up your save.

There are a few things you might have done that got rid of it:
  • Did you clean your browser cache? That's gonna be a deleted save.
  • Did you clear your local storage? That's also gonna delete your save.
  • Did you delete all of your browser cookies? That'll also delete your save.
  • Did you have a power outage, randomly shut off your computer, or have it crash while your game was saving? That's a one way ticket to deletionville.
Remember, back up your save! You can do this by going to Options > General > Export Save, and you can load via Options > General > Import Save! You can also use Options > General > Save to file and Options > General > Load to file, but those are currently experimental, and there's no guarantees it'll work; so be safe and use both if you'd like.
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