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Help with this

SirfishSirfish Member Posts: 1,327 ✭✭✭
I need help. Just got back to this after it was collecting dust for some. I dunno. Two Years.
Lets make a game!
lets make a game!

-Sandwich Maker
-By Sirfish
-created on 11/8/14
-last updated on 4/30/16
-Version 1

Settings :
-Prices increase by 105%
-Selling gives back by 50%
-Resources are hidden by default
-Clickables are hidden by default
-Buildings are hidden by default
-Upgrades are hidden by default

Resources :
-named sandwich|sandwiches
-displayed as %a Sandwich%s

-named cooked sandwich|cooked sandwiches
-displayed as %a Cooked Sandwich%s

-named Money
-displayed as %a Cash Money%s

Clickables :
-gives 1 Sandwich
-picture :

-Gives 1 CookedSandwich
-Picture :

-Takes 1 Sandwich
-gives 1 money for 1 Sandwich

Buildings :
-"A Nice Kitchen to Make sandwiches"
-costs 20 Money
-gives 0.1 sandwich
-named kitchen
-picture :

-"Mines Sandwich Materials and Makes Them"
-Costs 200 Money
-gives 5 sandwich
-named Mine|Mines

-"A stand to sell sandwiches"
-costs 100 Money
-takes 1 sandwich
-gives 1 Money
-named Sandwich Shop|Sandwich shops

-"Cook your Sandwich!"
-Costs 500 Money
-Takes 1 sandwich
-gives 1 cookedsandwich for 1 sandwich
-Named Microwave|Microwaves

-"Mass Produce Cooked Sandwiches"
-Costs 5000 Money
-Takes 10 Sandwich
-gives 10 cookedsandwich
-named Oven|Ovens

-"Sells CookedSandwiches"
-Costs 6000 money, 1000 Sandwiches
-gives 300 money for 100 cookedsandwiches
named Sandwich Superstore|Sandwich Superstores

-"Sucks Up Blackmatter to make Sandwiches"
-Costs 10000 Money
-Gives 600 Sandwiches
-named blackmatterharvester|blackmatterharvesters

-"Use Lasers to Quickly Cook sandwiches!"
-Costs 8000 Money
-gives 200 cookedSandwiches for 200 sandwiches
-named Laser|Lasers

Upgrades :
*Basic Sandwich Marketing
-"With a little Magic we can now Put Sandwich Shops up!"
-Cost 50 Money
-Unlocks SandwichShop

*Advanced Sandwich Marketing
-"Bigger stores equal bigger profit!"
-Cost 5000 Money
-Unlocks SandwichSuperStore

*Mining Permit

Achievements :
-unlocks at 1 Sandwich

*Dont Burn Yourself
-unlocks at 1 CookedSandwich

-unlocks at 1 Money

*Heaven On two Pieces of Bread
-Unlocks at 1 BLT

*Mad with Power
-Unlocks at 1 Drug Sandwich
I'm just here to do stuff and play games because I am unproductive and should learn how to do something with my life but instead i'm just going be here and do nothing
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