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How Long Is Homestuck? AKA: A Boring Math Thread

CookiewoodstockCookiewoodstock Posts: 16,175Member, Flagger ✭✭✭✭✭✭
edited February 2017 in Off Topic
I posted this in activity, but due to the lack of points for activity comments, and since people rarely read those anyhow, I figured I'd post this here, too.

There are 817,612 words in Homestuck, approximately. The New American Library Version of War and Peace has only 587,287 words. To watch all the [S] posts, it takes approximately 4 hours, 5 minutes, and 2 seconds to do so.
War and Peace's word count is only 71.8% of Homestuck's word count.

For reference, to read Homestuck, is to read War and Peace 1 time and then read 60% of it afterwards, watch the first Back to the Future movie twice + any 5 minute and 2 second video, and then stare at pictures for about 20.7 hours.

Even if you read at the American average of 200WPM, that'd be 4088.06 minutes to read Homestuck's text. That's about 68.13 hours, or 2.83 days.
And that's just the text; add onto the time to watch the flashes, and you have 72.21 hours, or about 3.009 days.
And panels? Assuming you spent a measly 5 seconds to look at the pretty pictures, Homestuck has 14,913 panels. You'd spend 74,565 seconds looking at them. That's about 1242.75 minutes, or 20.7125 hours.
This brings the total of how long it'd take to read Homestuck up to 3.872 days.

Assuming you slept for exactly 12 hours (leaving you 84 hours in a week,) had literally nothing else to do, and didn't do anything but read Homestuck, and were reading Homestuck since directly you woke up, and you fell asleep exactly after finishing a panel, it'd still take you over a week to read Homestuck.
You'd be spending a whopping 92.93 hours reading Homestuck, which is about 9 hours over the 84 hours we have allotted. You'd have to spend an entire week, and then about 1/4th of the first day of the second week, just to read it.
And that's not even counting the epilogues, which aren't out yet, and how long it'd take to play the game, which has been in development for years at this point!

Homestuck is arguably one of the longest webcomics, comics, much less literary works in the English Language, that are serious or have a serious concept, and not just be one big long joke, like "The Blah Story" is. It is able to, by the definition of it, fit under "longest novels", and THEN fill in that role with an added 60%. This means Homestuck is able to both comedically AND seriously claim that it is 160% able to be of the longest novels.

I'm sure I fucked the math up somewhere, but the basic jist of it, is that Homestuck is literally 160% one of the longest novels, and that's not a false use of literally, either.

tl;dr andrew hussie has made a monster

Sources: A calculator, and
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