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What are your opinions on ASMR?

UiomancantUiomancant Posts: 9,964Member, Cool, Flagger ✭✭✭✭✭
edited April 2016 in Off Topic
I recently checked this out, I regret the hell outta it. My ears were hurting for 15 minutes after.

I hope peoples internet OCD kick in and get angry about option 2
What's a sig btw

What are your opinions on ASMR? 11 votes

5/5 (The strange minority option)
OldMammal 1 vote
DoomlordKravoka 1 vote
3/5 (!Manganese)
Gouchnox 1 vote
2/5 (I find it strange)
DarkmatterfirelordmuffinMiningcookiesVIIIChisako 4 votes
Cookiewoodstock[Deleted User]Uiomancant[Deleted User] 4 votes


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