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CookiewoodstockCookiewoodstock Member, Flagger Posts: 16,226 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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The title is basically a summary of my sediments, so that's your tl;dr if you want one.

The problem: The forums have, for all intents and purposes, no enforced rules.

The only real rule we have is saying "don't spam gore and porn," but that's a given on any and all forums with a guideline of being 13 or older to join. The rest of the rules specified in all the rule threads are not enforced at all.

•No flaming/trolling? Not enforced whatsoever. So much petty drama goes on here that it gets pretty much comedic.
•No being a dick in general*? Nope, not enforced either. You can literally go to activity and see at least SOMEBODY being rude to someone else.
•No spamming? Shitposting rampantly when it's not fitting is scarily frequent. That, and bait completely unrelated to the original post is far too common. (It'll probably show up on this very post!)
•No derailing? Drama does that, and nobody's batted an eye when it has.
•No going off topic? HAHAHAHAHA no. It's not enforced.
*not exactly how it's spelled out to people, but you get the idea

As a result of this, we're having so much petty drama that's getting really sickening to see every day, people are being depressed by the negative attitude pointed at them frequently and nobody bats an eye, and quite a lot of threads have been derailed by drama with nobody helping restore the original purpose of the threads.

The answer: See the title.
A lot of the things complained about here (or at least have been frowned upon) by several users (Chisako, me, Anon9mous, ArtificialCookie, DLK, I think Zyzzyzus, Karlolin, and probably a lot more I'm forgetting) that occurred recently would be easily fixed by ENFORCING SOME FREAKING RULES.

Instead of letting everyone be cold towards each other and letting drama spew wildly like the forums randomly became called DramaNet, ENFORCING SOME FREAKING RULES would tone that down and help the community feel more like a community and less like a "It's hate on or be hated on" sort of situation, for lack of good describing skills.

Setting some basic rules, ENFORCING THEM, and getting a mod team that isn't 2/3rds lurkers and only 1/3rd active member would cut down on the petty drama greatly. So seriously, ENFORCE SOME FREAKING RULES.

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