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Destroy The Tower

ReepileReepile Member Posts: 1,702 ✭✭✭✭
edited July 2016 in Playground
I made a game called the tower a long time ago, pretty ok, lets go again.

There is an endless tower. It has endless floors. Oh no! Enemies have come to take over the tower! We must adventure into it and destroy the tower!!
Every floor has it's own set of enemies you must kill. Once they die, you are able to move up a floor. The higher the floor, the stronger the monsters. Every 5th floor is a boss you must slay to continue.

Every round you can only post ONCE and do ONE attack. A round ends once I post the results of the damage of attacks, summons, enemies etc. There is strictly no double posting, or the 2nd one will not count.
You can either attack with anything, such as a super laser beam or grilling fire balls, whatever you can imagine. Or you could summon a helper that every round fights with you on it's own in the battlefield! Summons cost mana (MP), the more you use, the stronger the helper will be.

The battlefield can have 3 different categories. (H) is for helper, and will be followed by the helper's name. (E) is for enemy, followed by their name. (B) is for Boss, and followed by their name. You are also on the battlefield, and you guys are named players. You are automatically joined once you put up an attack/summon, or just say I join with your attack. I'll put you on after. Every 5 floors you defeat, you gain 100 HP and MP. If you as a player die, you become a ghost. Ghosts do nothing except wait to be revived and give buffs like +25% damage, heal for 50 etc.

1. No double posting
2. No double attacks/summons
3. No using more mana then you actually can
4. No ghost attacks/summons

Let's begin!

(H) ???
(E) Rock Beetle: 10
(E) Pebble: 5

(H) ??? Is not in existence yet.
(E) Rock Beetle and Pebble stay idle.
PLAYER: (100 HP) (100 MP)
No, instead you should CLICK MEEE
ugh Don't bother clicking me...
(all the links take you to another multiplayer idle game so if you wanna check em out)
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