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DashNet's /d/writingprompts

MiningcookiesVIIIMiningcookiesVIII Posts: 1,861Member ✭✭✭✭✭
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People can take turns creating Writing prompts, and once everyone has gotten a chance with one, a new one is submitted. try not to submit two writing prompts in a row. Awesomesrecieved will be added to their leader board, and you can receive awesomes on writing prompts too.


MiningcookiesVIII: 0 points

WP Queue

Wumpus Thumper: "You have the ability to instantly know a person's background and motives just by looking at them. One day, you find someone who is blank."

Diamond655: "You are a defense attorney. You see lines above people's heads when they're lying - whether you'd know otherwise or not."

I'll start.

Writing Prompt

Donald Trump has created a wall protecting his illegal money. The RUC has enlisted you to destroy it, and they will gladly fund you with grant money the more work you do. They have supplied you with nothing else, however.
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