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Mine Deep - Underworld: UPDATE Version 0.3b

Korrupt86Korrupt86 Posts: 88Member ✭✭
edited April 2016 in Games - Old
So as I mentioned before I was in fear of my game "Allegiance" being too much of a replica so I decided to revamp the entire thing including a name change. I will still be getting my inspiration from realm grinder, however in a different setting.


Mine Deep - Underworld is a game where you mine your way into the earth to discover the underworld.

You are in charge of a mining facility which constantly drills into the earth, forever getting deeper as the game goes on. As you delve deeper into the earth, you will uncover artifacts, upgrades and meet strange creatures. As well as uncovering artifacts and so on, you will mine resources such as Stone, Coal and Iron.

In addition to the Mining facility you have to maintain the staff that are required to work in the mine. Workers will require Shelter and Food. Shelters require wood and Stone to build so not only do you need to mine deeper into the earth, you must also chop down trees and harvest food to hire more workers. The more workers you have, the faster the drill can delve deeper.


(No longer a funtion. Replaced with Auto Mine. See update below.)
The basic mine that you start with will give (Per Click):

- Stone: 10% chance for 10
- Coal: 5% chance for 10
- Iron: 2.5% chance for 10

Further upgrades to your mine will increase the rate you dig up minerals.


Farming Gathering Closed

This is where you will gather wood and food for your shelters and workers. At its most basic production you will receive:

Gain Wood 5% chance for 1
Gain Food 5% chance for 1

Further upgrades to Gathering/Farming will increase the rate of which you will receive the resources.

Sooner or later you will find yourself in need of gold to purchase upgrades, Introducing the "Marketplace" where you can sell your minerals for a fraction of gold.
Marketplace Closed

Sell Wood
- 0.05 Gold for 1 Wood.
Sell Stone
- 0.1 Gold for 1 Stone.
Sell Coal
- 0.4 Gold for 1 Coal.
Sell Iron
- 0.8 Gold for 1 Iron.

Further upgrades to your Marketplace will increase the gold exchange you receive for your resources. Don't be too alarmed. Once you reach a certain depth you will start to mine gold as well, it will just take a little effort to get there.


There are currently 3 types of workers:

- Miner: Automatically digs deeper into the earth uncovering minerals and artifacts along the way.
Cost 10 Food and occupies 1 bed space.

- Farmer: As his name suggest, Hiring farmers will allow the automatic production of food.
Cost 5 Food and occupies 1 bed space.

- Lumberjack: Hiring lumberjacks will give you an automatic production of wood
Cost 5 Food and occupies 1 bed space.

As mentioned above, worker require bed spaces, if you have no bed spaces you cannot hire more workers even if you have the resources to do so.

- Shelter: Each shelter provides 10 bed spaces. Purchasing the Bunk Bed upgrade will allow 20 bed spaces per shelter. Residential Upgrades wont affect previously built Shelters, only improve the quality of future built ones.
Cost 25 Wood, 25 Stone.


- Currently 16 upgrades.
- Neat and tidy, easy on the eyes compact layout.
- Fully functional, expandable/collapsible menu to compliment the compact layout.
- Should fit to any size monitor.

The Game

Mine Deep - Underworld
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  • Korrupt86Korrupt86 Posts: 88Member ✭✭
    edited April 2016
    Now the game has been released for Beta, I will start to add more Artifacts and discoveries which will boost your production by a not yet specified amount. Please leave feedback on the game so far.

    I have added a Reincarnation feature. There are only currently 5 levels of reincarnation but more will be added when necessary. Reincarnation requires Diamonds to purchase. The first level starts at 1000 Diamonds. Each reincarnation after that will cost double of the previous. For example, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, 16000 etc. Each time you Reincarnate the production of your workers will be increased by 1 percent per Diamond spent on the reincarnation.

    Currently there is no way to obtain diamonds, however I will be introducing a new clickable which will allow you to crush your coal into diamonds. Once that is released (within the next 24 hours) reincarnation will be available, however there is no real need for it at the moment until i add more content. ( I added it because I was experimenting on how to do it, since my past attempts were failures, this time it works how I want so I added it before I forgot how to do it again haha)

    There are still a few balance issues to work out, I will be tweaking those over the next few days such as having too much resources before upgrades are available etc, however I also want to avoid it taking forever to accumulate the resources needed for the upgrade.

    Stay tuned.
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  • Korrupt86Korrupt86 Posts: 88Member ✭✭
    WTF i posted an update and it worked, so I needed to make an edit and when I saved the message has completely disappeared????
  • Korrupt86Korrupt86 Posts: 88Member ✭✭
    edited April 2016

    Added Features:

    - Auto Mine
    The auto mine replaces the manual mine. No longer do you need to click the mine to drill faster, the auto mine will do it all for you.
    - Compress Coal
    Added a way to gain diamonds, exchange rate is currently 1 Diamond per 100 Coal and unless demand says otherwise, is not set to change.


    - Removed manual mine to be replace with Auto Mine (As mentioned above)
    - readjusted resource income to compensate for new Auto Mine.
    - Miners now directly affect the auto drill production instead of individual production.
    This means that every miner increases auto mine production by 5% for each miner you hire. 20 Miners = double production.
    - Hiring Farmers and/or Lumberjacks now increase how much wood/food you gain per manual click as well as having their own independent production.
    Farmers and Lumberjacks have been replaced by Farms and Sawmills (See update below.)

    Future Additions/Changes:

    - Stock Exchange:
    You will be able to trade stone for wood, or wood for iron. Exchange rate will depend on what resource you are trying to trade, as well as what resource you are trying to trade for.
    - Sell Food is currently not an option but I will make it asap.

    - All resources perform a function in Mine Deep - Underworld except for Iron. Therefore I will work on upgrades that will require a specific resource(s). As it is, Iron is only good to sell for Gold, which is not a bad thing, but I feel it should have another purpose. I want players to have the feeling of something to save for, instead of the feeling of having too much.
    - Adding a new upgrade system accessible from the "Clickables Box" for Mining upgrades.
    - Removing Mining upgrades from "Upgrades Box" and moving them to "Clickables Box".
    The reason for the move is because I find that the affect I want works when u click it in the clickables once, instead of buying the upgrade. The downside is you cannot see the cost. So I will later provide an upgrade chart for all upgrades that appear in the "Clickables Box".

    I need some feedback about this game please. It takes too long for me alone to find all the bugs. I need you to tell me what works and what doesn't so I can fix it. Please give feedback, positive or negative. It will all go towards improving what is already available.
    thanks guys.
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  • Korrupt86Korrupt86 Posts: 88Member ✭✭
    edited April 2016
    Additional changes:

    - Instead of adding a resource exchange, which would require creating 20 new clickables, I decided to add a buy option in the market. selling coal for gold will have the same exchange as selling gold for coal, so there is no resource loss in the exchange. For example, If you sold 100 coal for 1 gold, you can buy 100 coal for 1 gold. This way, you can just sell one resource, and use the gold to purchase another, without losing the value of your gold in the process.

    - Added Buy/Sell Food feature.
    - Added Workers and changed the way staff works. Now as before you need shelters for workers, but now I have introduced workers, which you can then allocate to a job, Miner, Farmer or Lumberjack. To put it simple, instead of a miner, farmer or a lumberjack costing food, it now cost 1 worker. Workers still require 10 food to hire.
    - Removed Mining Tools upgrades in preparation for clickable upgrades.
    - Added a tutorial Introduction for new players.
    - With the new balance changes, each new player starts with 50 Wood and 50 Stone which, if you follow the tutorial is recommended to spend on shelters first thing. Otherwise expect a long wait until you can get some worthy auto production happening. (Replaced with Miner Mob upgrade accessible in the clickables menu. See update below.)

    - Due to resource adjustments, I have had to readjust the reincarnation system. You will no longer gain 1% per diamond spent, but instead gain a persistent increase for each reincarnation. As follows,

    - Auto mine (Auto Drill) is increased by 500% per reincarnation.
    - Farmers production is increased by 200% per reincarnation.
    - Lumberjacks production is increased by 200% per reincarnation.

    Addition to Update:

    - The cost of workers increase by 1% every time you hire one. Ultimately, the price increases the more you hire. I have done this to experiment with the food stockpile, to try and eliminate gathering more then you need. This is subject to change if necessary.
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  • Korrupt86Korrupt86 Posts: 88Member ✭✭
    edited April 2016
    ***Tip to starting a new game:***

    Use your free 50 stone and 50 wood to buy 2 shelters, then spend your time manually gaining food so that you can hire 10 miners. At the beginning of the game u will receive a free "clickable" upgrade (look in clickables box) that gives you 10 miners, so purchasing 10 more will give you a total of 20.

    Now that you have 20 Miners you should have 10 free bed spaces. use this to hire 10 more workers and allocate those workers to 10 farmers.

    Now all you currently need to focus on is manually clicking wood until you get enough to buy a shelter (25 wood). Once you reach 25 wood start working on food while you wait for your stone to gather (25 Stone). When you get enough stone buy a shelter and buy 5 lumberjacks and 5 miners.

    From here do as you feel necessary, balancing between food, wood and stone. Remember that every worker (Farmer, Lumberjack) you have will increase your manual clicking gains each, and each Miner you have will increase your drilling speed, which will give stone, coal and Iron faster, so remember to manually click again after hiring them to see faster results.

    Continue this process to gain speed on your Auto Mine (Auto Drill)
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  • Korrupt86Korrupt86 Posts: 88Member ✭✭
    edited April 2016
    Addition to update:

    Diamonds are now also gained over time. You will gain 1 diamond for every 6 minutes while online, which will take 100 hours of idle play to achieve first reincarnation. Of course this can be achieved earlier if you actually play the game.

    (I realize I should of added this to previous update post instead of creating a new one. Mind blank for me)

    You must refresh your game and reset save to see new balance changes work effectively.
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  • UiomancantUiomancant Posts: 9,964Member, Cool, Flagger ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2016
    Okay, let me review this, cause why not? I saw it at first, wasn't sure if there was much content and left it, I am back. I will add to this post over time with all my findings

    Note: By review, I mean bugs/balance issues

    Tutorial: Awesome, however near the end you used "I no a place" instead of "I know a place"
    What's a sig btw
  • Korrupt86Korrupt86 Posts: 88Member ✭✭

    Tutorial: Awesome, however near the end you used "I no a place" instead of "I know a place"

    Ahh, that is a mistake on my behalf, too much texting lol. Thanks for pointing it out.
  • Korrupt86Korrupt86 Posts: 88Member ✭✭
    edited April 2016
    You may all notice there is a new clickable, "Dungeon". This is currently just a test and doesn't actually do anything at the moment. If all goes to plan, I will introduce the Dungeon feature in full.
    The plan is, once you reach a certain depth you will discover a cave (Or whatever) that you can explore. Exploring the cave will give gold as loot, and finishing the dungeon floor will grant a completion bonus upgrade. The further down you dig, you will discover more dungeons to explore. I will also need to work on a HP, ATK, DEF system, the more attack you have the faster you can kill monsters in the dungeon, the more defense you have the less damage you will take from a monster, and the more HP you have, the more tougher monsters you will be able to encounter.

    I will make an update as soon as this feature has been tested and working correctly, but like I said I am testing it, and if it doesn't work, I will remove it altogether.

    If you have any ideas to throw into this, feel free to comment.

    - I have changed the CSS layout to better match my future plans. I plan on introducing more clickables (and auto clickables) in the future for dungeons ( If it works).
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  • Korrupt86Korrupt86 Posts: 88Member ✭✭
    edited April 2016

    I have tested a possible scenario for the RPG element.

    For the moment "Dungeon is available as soon as you start playing just so you can test it for yourself and let me know of any bugs or balance issues. Included (so far) in the dungeon is an area called "The Tunnels". The Tunnels currently consist of 4 mobs and each mob will become available to fight when you reach a specific amount of attribute points. The 4 current mobs appear as follows,

    The Tunnels: Mob 1 -
    Requires: 5 HP, 5 Attack and 5 Defense.
    (Once you have (at minimum) these attributes, Tunnel Mob 1 will appear)
    gives: 0.01 Gold for 10 HPoint (HPoint is the reference to your heroes total health. Heroes will be introduced later as a necessity to challenge the dungeons. Your heroes max Health (HPoint) is 1000.)

    The Tunnels: Mob 2 -
    Requires 10 HP, 10 Attack and 10 Defense.
    gives: 0.02 gold for 10 HPoint

    The Tunnels: Mob 3 -
    Requires 15 HP, 15 Attack and 15 Defense.
    gives: 0.03 gold for 10 HPoint

    The Tunnels: Mob 4 -
    Requires 20 HP, 20 Attack and 20 Defense.
    gives: 0.04 gold for 10 HPoint

    You can see the pattern, though this may just be temporary for testing purposes.
    If you do the math, it will take a full 1000 health on Mob 1 to gain 1 gold, 2 gold for Mob 2, 3 gold for mob 3 and so on.

    There is a Train button (Clickable) to train on your heroes attributes to advance to better rewarding mobs.

    I have replaced the previous train button with a new one that acts as an expandable/collapsible menu, and within that menu you now have the 3 options of training your Health, Attack and Defense skills separately , instead of bundled together.

    There is also a rest button, however you will not see it at first, as it only appears when you are at 0 Health, when you click the rest button you will receive 1000 Health and the rest button will disappear.
    (This is to prevent gaining more then 1000 Health at one time)

    I plan to have a total of 12 mobs in each area, and the amount of areas I will make depends on demand.

    Please test this and let me know, or I can not progress further in this feature. As I have mentioned before I don't really have time to make the game and test every fine detail so the more help I get the faster I can expand.

    Thanks Guys and hope you like the dungeon feature.
    Mine Deep - Underworld

    Here is a screenshot of the current layout with the dungeon.

    I am considering renaming HP to stamina (STA) so that it is not confused with heroes health.

    I am also planning on adding an auto function for the dungeon. When you unlock Mob 12 of each area you will have an option to auto farm the area. I still haven't worked out the finer details yet but I imagine I will have to incorporate some sort of auto Hero Health gains too so that the auto farming of an area can continue undisturbed.

    Rest assured that this dungeon is only a possible feature and will not sway from the original idea of the game, which is to "Mine Deep". The dungeon will act as an avenue to gain more gold, which will be needed in future planned updates.
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  • cholbertcholbert Posts: 8Member
    I think the beds cost needs to scale like the workers, or add a way to use up stone and wood. its too easy to max out stone and wood income to a point where you're just waiting for food. Beds are practically free when you get over 30 lumberjacks and miners. I could sell them, but right now I have 60 each miner/farmer/lumberjack and I'm making a several hundred wood and stone every couple minutes. Clicking to sell one at a time is too much. AH! another idea would be to allow bulk selling in the marketplace, that could fix this problem too. Great game, thanks for listening ;)
  • Korrupt86Korrupt86 Posts: 88Member ✭✭
    edited April 2016
    cholbert said:

    I think the beds cost needs to scale like the workers, or add a way to use up stone and wood. its too easy to max out stone and wood income to a point where you're just waiting for food. Beds are practically free when you get over 30 lumberjacks and miners. I could sell them, but right now I have 60 each miner/farmer/lumberjack and I'm making a several hundred wood and stone every couple minutes. Clicking to sell one at a time is too much. AH! another idea would be to allow bulk selling in the marketplace, that could fix this problem too. Great game, thanks for listening ;)

    I did at one point have the market place so you were selling 100 at a time, but then I figured it would take a while to get 100 to sell, so you would be waiting forever to get gold needed for upgrades. I can adjust this to possibly 10 at a time, would this be better?

    Another thing I could do is create 3 sub menus under the buy and sell menu (Buy/Sell X1, X10 and X100) and under those sub menus will have the 4 resources that you click.

    And I agree with you about the shelters. I will make them scale also.
  • Korrupt86Korrupt86 Posts: 88Member ✭✭
    edited April 2016

    - I decided to just go ahead with the X1, X10 and X100 market so now you can sell in amounts that make you comfortable.
    - Shelters now increase in price by 10% every time you purchase one.

    Here is a screenshot of the new clickables layout with the new market system.

    new clickable layout

    This new market menu works like this:

    - Click the X1 button and the list of resources will appear. Clicking on the will give/cost 1 resource for a fraction of gold. Click X10 button and the list will appear again this time giving/costing 10 resources for a fraction of gold, and the same for X100.

    Now the thing to remember is with this style of menu it is impossible to open X1 for example, while you have X10 already open. Its not impossible to open but its impossible to close X10 when you click X1. So you need to remember to close X10 before opening X1.

    If you don't close one before opening the other, you will see the list for both buy/sell of X1 and X10 and you wont know what is what, so close the one you don't want and they will disappear leaving only the X### you want. Here is what it looks like with all of them open at once.

    new clickable layout all open

    Alright so to make it easier to determine what you are clicking in the market, I have added spacers between X1, X10 and X100 when they are all open, X1 being at the top and X100 being at the bottom, Here's what I mean.

    new clickable layout all open changes

    - Opening and Closing the menu's in the clickables section, no longer give annoying notifications. I had to remove the -unlocks at command and replace it with -visible at, as well as create a whole bunch of abstract resources that are given and taken every time you click on a menu, which is why now you will notice numbers appear every time you click it as if you were gaining a resource. This task was annoying to do in itself, but now its done phew!!

    If you want to experiment with menu's in your game here is one way of doing it:

    Create 2 abstract resources,

    *Ab1c ( Ab1 = Abstract 1, c = closed. you can name them whatever you like)
    -Starts at 1 (You must have it start at one so that your menu is visible when you start your game)


    Now make a closed and open clickable,

    -gives 1 Ab1
    -takes 1 Ab1c
    -visible at 1 Ab1c
    -picture : http........../Market-Closed.png

    -gives 1 Ab1c
    -takes 1 Ab1
    -visible at 1 Ab1
    -picture : http........../Market-Open.png

    Now, as you have made your Ab1c resource start at 1, Market closed will be visible but Market open won't. If you click on the market closed clickable, it will take away 1 Ab1c resource so market closed will no longer be visible, however it also give 1 Ab1 resource, which will make the Market Open clickable appear in market closed place.

    Now if you want anything to appear under this menu when you click to open it, just make a clickable that is visible at the same time as the *MarketOpen clickable. For example,

    -gives 1 food for 0.01 gold
    -visible at 1 Ab1
    -picture : http........../Buy-Food.png

    -gives 0.01 gold for 1 food
    -visible at 1 Ab1
    -picture : http........../Sell-Food.png

    So now when you click on *MarketClosed, not only will is disappear and make *MarketOpen visible, but it will also make *BuyFood and *SellFood visible underneath.

    When you click *MarketOpen it will disappear and make *MarketClosed appear, and also make *BuyFood and *SellFood disappear.

    **This can also be done within the Buildings and Upgrades box.**
    If you want to have categories for your upgrades for example you can use the method above. Just write the code in the Upgrades section instead of the Clickables section. However if you want to do it like this, then you need to accept that all of your upgrades will appear from the beginning of the game when you click to open the category menu. Alternatively, you can just have titles instead of menus and have the upgrades appear under the corresponding title. This way they wont appear straight away, and can still be unlocked as normal.
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  • Korrupt86Korrupt86 Posts: 88Member ✭✭

    - I have replaced Farmers with Farms and Lumberjacks with Sawmills. They generate the same amount of resources per second, but now they also cost wood and stone. This change was made so that there was more of a reason to use wood and stone. Farms and Sawmills require 1 worker to operate which means there will also be more need for food.
  • CalamityCalamity Posts: 15,095Member, Friendly ✭✭✭✭✭
    Oooh a new game , nice
    Compete with others to become the strongest of all! (Forum Game)
  • Korrupt86Korrupt86 Posts: 88Member ✭✭
    Cookie said:

    Oooh a new game , nice

    yep started about 1 week ago. I was working on a game, "Allegiance", but it was heading in the direction of a clone of another game so I changed it and renamed it to be nothing like it. Hope you enjoy it and any suggestions or bug reports will be appreciated.
  • Korrupt86Korrupt86 Posts: 88Member ✭✭

    - The tutorial at the beginning is now inaccurate, so I will soon work on another one to explain the new changes. For now, when you begin a new game click the miner mob upgrade in the clickables box and u will receive 10 miners, 10 farms and 10 sawmills to get you started. and remember to turn your Auto Mine on.
  • Korrupt86Korrupt86 Posts: 88Member ✭✭
    edited April 2016
    UPDATE: V0.3b

    - Removed some unnecessary clutter in the code as well as removed all achievements.
    - Changed the way Shelters work and cost. Each shelter provides 5 beds instead of 10. the first shelter will cost 5 stone and 5 wood instead of 25/25. However the Miner Mob upgrade will give you 6 shelters so the initial cost of 5 will be scaled by 6 @ 125% per shelter.
    - Changed upgrades for Farms and Sawmills. The effect was still written to affect Farmers/Lumberjacks which were removed previously. Now the upgrades work correctly, however the effect has changed. Before, each upgrade increased Farm/Sawmill by 200%. Now each upgrade multiplies 5% per the amount of building.
    - Farms and Sawmills no longer require a worker. This is because with the price scaling, you would eventually need 2 workers per 1 farm/sawmill.
    - Price scaling has been increased for shelters from 110% to 150%, making stone and wood more valuable.
    - Price scaling for Farms and Sawmills has been introduced at 105%, however now has been increased to 110%.
    - Price scaling for workers has been increased from 110% to 120%, making food more valuable.
    - Changed the Auto Mine so that it is automatically turned on when you start a new game. You still have the option to turn it off, but there is no point to it. The point to the off switch is because when I introduce a power source for the mine, if you go over the power limit, the mine will switch off, and you will have to manually switch it back on after you meet power requirements.
    - As a test for the dungeon I have made it so it appears once you reach 1km deep.
    - Changed the Miner Mob upgrade icon to show requirements. All future clickable upgrades will show requirements so that you know what you need to click it.

    - Added 5 new Clickable Drill Upgrades. Clicking this will make your mine drill 2x faster each (200%, 400%, 800%, 1600%, 3200%). This upgrade also shows its requirements.
    - New Upgrade "Metallic Skeleton" added. unlocks when you reach 1km deep.
    - Price scaling has been changed again for Shelter. It now increases in cost by 125% instead of 150%.
    - Price scaling has been reduced for Workers from 120% to 115%
    (Sorry for the constant price scale changes. I am still trying to find the right balance.)
    - Farm and Sawmill upgrade requirements have been changed. Before you needed 20 farms for first upgrade to unlock, now you need 200 food, likewise for wood. So if you want to increase your production, best advice is to save your resources.
    - Added the Mine Depth statistic: "Miles Deep", for those who understand miles more then Kilometers. (I chose kilometers for 2 reasons, 1. I am Australian and we use the metric system, and 2. It is easier to convert meters to Kilometers then it is to convert Meters to miles. But I added it for those who prefer miles.)
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  • CalamityCalamity Posts: 15,095Member, Friendly ✭✭✭✭✭
    Thanks for the update .
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  • Korrupt86Korrupt86 Posts: 88Member ✭✭
    Cookie said:

    Thanks for the update .

    No Problem, many more to come.

    But before I work on more updates I need a little bit of feedback about the new balance changes. Are you all finding it more efficient of worse? After the re-scaling of the Shelters, Workers, Farms and Sawmills, I hope that it made the value of stone, wood and food higher instead of having too much. But on the other hand I am not sure if it is now too slow. I have played through the beginning every time I make a change to test it, but I don't always find all the flaws. Thanks in advance.
  • CalamityCalamity Posts: 15,095Member, Friendly ✭✭✭✭✭
    The progress seems good so far , I will let you know if I encounter any trouble.
    Compete with others to become the strongest of all! (Forum Game)
  • OmeganianOmeganian Posts: 117Member ✭✭
    Game got stuck after I got hero to 500 all. Buildings seem to be bought when I click, but interface isn't updated unless I reload, and even then it shows zero income on all.

  • Korrupt86Korrupt86 Posts: 88Member ✭✭
    edited April 2016
    Omeganian said:

    Game got stuck after I got hero to 500 all. Buildings seem to be bought when I click, but interface isn't updated unless I reload, and even then it shows zero income on all.

    Yes 500 is the current limit on purpose, I didn't realize you would get to 500 so fast (Unless using auto clicker) I can prepare increased levels, which would also give me reasons to introduce more upgrades when reaching certain hero levels. As far as your resources reading 0/s.... I dont know. I haven't had that issue yet, and the code I use is very simple, so I cant see why you would be getting that error. Unless it is an upgrade that I have somehow messed up, but going over my code I cannot see any errors.
  • Korrupt86Korrupt86 Posts: 88Member ✭✭
    edited April 2016
    I am also thinking of removing the achievements box. I prefer to use upgrades, that when you purchase it, it locks itself and unlocks the "Unlocked" version which will appear underneath all un-purchased upgrades. This will also give me more room for the buildings box, which i will need room later when you reach (and when I introduce) the factions of the underworld. Each faction will have 2 maybe 3 unique buildings. we'll see.

    However, my first goal is to introduce the hero, and the power source for the mine. so that the Dungeon training & fighting have a purpose, as well as the power source for the drill to make limitations to its process. This will make sure that players have to maintain the drill after a certain point.

    In addition to this,
    I plan on removing some (not all) of the mining upgrades that are currently present and that were planned for the future, and replacing those with a drill level system. To tie in with the power source, each level of your mine will consume a certain amount of power, and each power supply will give a certain amount. Once you reach that power supplies limit you will not be able to upgrade your drill until you increase your power supply. and each level of your drill will increase.

    I have been rather busy the last few days so haven't had a chance to work on anything since my last update. I will be working on the things mentioned above and they will be ready before the weekend is over.
  • KamorthKamorth Posts: 1Member
    Am I missing something?

    (okay it won't let me post an image but I have a screenshot of what I'm seeing at

    No tutorial, I don't see it anywhere, and it kind of seems that the game is basically unplayable without it.
  • TrevinMacielTrevinMaciel Posts: 1,017Member
    Are you still working on this game?
    "Dude, I'm pretty sure you can't just quote yourself." "After this game is finished we will celebrate... by starting a "Count to 25,000 starting from 10,000" thread!" -Brainstorm
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  • SomeBodySomeBody Posts: 1,558Member ✭✭✭

    Are you still working on this game?

    I think it's dead now.
    "You found a hidden signature!"
  • Korrupt86Korrupt86 Posts: 88Member ✭✭
    Yes sorry i stopped working on the game. Real life got in the way but i am currently working on a new game similar to this on the new IGM.
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