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Descent to Madness

CalamityCalamity Posts: 15,094Member, Friendly ✭✭✭✭✭
Control an adventurer in the abyssal pits of a cold dark dungeon. Level up your adventurer through assignments given on the Magic Board, this magic board speaks of quests that the adventurer must do, while not required they give loot of the highest quality. Alternatively, you could kill the evilest demons ever to exist. This adventure is not for the faint of hearted and requires commitment are you up for the challenge?

Fill in your hero's past; what their name is, where they come from why they are here and their special talent.They will be then given a growth value used as a part of calculations. This will decide your hero rank if you gain strength the ranking will change so train all you like it may or may not change your ranking it all depends on your ideology and how you want to accomplish your goals.Leveling will bolster your strength; skills and stats. Once in a while, you may come across some loot if you come by any equip it and improve your force.The dungeon master may decide to play tricks on you so be careful where you step.

I will update your characters stats once a page; please keep track of your stats in your post though I will only be as fast as you are to post you know.

Answer these questions and get ready to head into the darkest depths of madness itself.

What's your name? Where did you come from where do you want to go? and what do you want from life? how do you plan to accomplish that goal? doing this will allow you to be blessed with a power the power will scale with you as long as you go out and feel the thrill of adventure. Don't forget unless by some 1 in a million chance that you will come across a trinket of resurrection or some kind of sacrilegious item from the gods spread across the ever seeking pantheons you won't come back .... ever!

Buyables will be added as the game progresses


100 Copper = 1 Silver <> 100 Silver = 1 Gold

General Goods Shop:

Stale Bread "The good stuff " Heals for 5 HP - 2 Copper
Contaminated Water "Thirsty?" Heals for 2 HP - 1 Copper
Bag of Holding "I can fit tons of stuff in here!" Boosts your carrying capacity by 3 Times - 2 Silver

Need something that may or may not be the most totally useful financial endeavor step right up!

Skill Enhancements:

Luck of the Draw - Reroll your skill, can not have previous skill returned ever - 20 SP

It is rage that I Honor - Honor based skills that require bloodthirst no longer require honor - 30 SP

Walking blood bank - Blood-based skills require less blood - 20 SP

Wish upon a star - Luck stat removed to instead gain raw SP (+1 overall SP on level up, no luck stat) - 40 SP

Ever need some more bang for your buck then look no further!


Slippery Fingers - "Look, mommy, I "found" this shiny rock in the rectangular chest aren't I lucky!" - be able to pick locks with ease - 59 SP

Observant - " I see 50 shades of gray? mama, what does that mean? *Blush*" - Hidden treasure can be spotted easier - 28 SP

Talented - "I know my ABCS aren't I smart for my age mama?" - Extra Stat Points upon level up - 16 SP

Genius - "I can burp my ABCS backward aren't I a genius mama?" - 5 Extra Stat Points upon level up - 72 SP

Prodigy - " I can count to Z starting at Y, Z what I did their mama?" - Mastering skills come easier to you - 97 SP

Ye who wanders here is commemorated in this huge stone it sucks though because it's dusty and covered in cobwebs....
They said that you used to be able to revive at the stone but the lack of upkeep caused it to lose that ability maybe for some coin you could upgrade this ebony monolith and maybe restore its functions to save some lives... probably.

Cost : 1 Gold & 87 Silver


None have wandered in thus far

Stat points:

Stats are like this:

10 HP at the start, 3 SP gained per level, 5 HP gained per level
Health is gained 1 per phase (post)

Initial Info:

LvL 1
10/10 HP
0/0 FAIT
0/0 MNA
0.0 TAL


0 C - 0 S - 0 G


Cloth Garments "Its like I'm wearing a burlap sack ... comfy!" - 1 DEF

Compete with others to become the strongest of all! (Forum Game)


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