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Steam, Android

NagellanNagellan Member Posts: 1
edited March 2016 in Suggestions
I plays this game for a really long time and I don't understand why this game hasn't been released on steam still.
I think that people would be really happy if our favourite game was released on steam with working leaderboard, cards, interaction with friends (to see results to rival with each other), may be some kind of multiplayer.
A long time ago, I remember, there was official version of Cookie Clicker on Android. It was really cool to have this game always in a pocket, because people could play it anywhere, but still the moment of disappearance this game from the Google Play Market. App was really cool, why? Now there are a lot of clones of the game on android, but they aren's so cool.
Guys, if you think the same, click on the bottom "agree" to developer see my message and think about my words.
Thanks for this good game and good luck.
Develop and improve.


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