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IGM Code: Need Help Please.

Korrupt86Korrupt86 Member Posts: 61 ✭✭
edited February 2016 in Help
I am trying to make an upgrade, when the upgrade is purchased u get an achievement. I want that achievement to represent 1 resource but it always go to infinite. Is it possible to do this? Here is what I have...


-named Trophy
-displayed as Trophies: %a
-classed as Statistics


-"Clicker Head

100 clicks, not bad.

Increases click production by 200% (2 Money per click)"
-multiplies efficiency of Chest by 200%
-unlocks ClickUpgrade1A
-unlocks at 100 Click
-locks ClickUpgrade1


-"Clicker Head

100 clicks, not bad.

Click production increased by 200% (2 Money per click)

-represents 1 Trophy

anything wrong in this code? please let me know.
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