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Dragon infobox doesn't update when importing in 2.0

MenolithMenolith Posts: 1Member
Importing a save while the Dragon UI is visible doesn’t update the dragon UI infobox. This means that changing an aura and importing a save leaves a ”ghost” infobox which displays the previous aura state which cannot be closed by clicking the X button. Trying to change your aura via this infobox resets the dragon UI to a bugged, empty version with an adolescent Dragon image. Refreshing the page or clicking the actual dragon at any point fixes the issue.

1) Import a save
2) Change your aura (For example, Breath of Milk → Earth Shatterer, this makes 400 Cursors sell for 38.7 Septillion instead of 22.8 Septillion)
3) Do not close the small dragon training UI
4) Import the same save as in step 1
5) The Dragon UI displays Earth Shatterer and shows its tooltip, however if you click the aura to change it the popup shows the name and description of Breath of Milk. Breath of Milk is still in effect, as the Cursors sell for a lower amount.

Happens without addons active on both Firefox and Opera, probably on other browsers too.
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