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Orteil's to-do list (check this before submitting an idea)

OrteilOrteil Posts: 111Administrator, Game Dev Admin
edited August 2014 in Suggestions
Here's a list of stuff I'm already planning on implementing.
Keep in mind that graphical updates are low-priority!
  • more buildings (both in-between and after the existing ones)
  • more upgrades
  • more achievements
  • make the farms/mines/etc better (each building will get their own big content update, like the grandmas did)
  • golden cookie sound
  • sound in general (that'll take a while)
  • mobile version
  • visible kittens
  • more cookies
  • more milk flavors
  • customizable background/selectable milk type
  • change your big cookie to different types of cookies
  • better/more interesting grandmapocalypse (that'll be around Halloween)
  • more bingo club research
  • more prestige features
  • leaderboards (maybe)
Here's some ideas that I will not be implementing :
  • multiplayer
  • Cookie Clicker MMO
  • anything of the order of "make time machines into tardis!/add this epic meme into the game!/make the final boss the Cookie Monster!"
  • seriously, no Cookie Monster suggestions
  • "make cheating impossible" - no
  • any type of striped equine gonads
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