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Names for new "bake X cookies with Y building" achievements

CookiewoodstockCookiewoodstock Member, Flagger Posts: 16,260 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
edited February 2017 in Suggestions
In the game's data, there's graphics for red statues of buildings. The "bake X cookies with Y building" achievements use statues; first tier has gray/white statue, 2nd tier has blue statue. However, there's no 3rd tier, but graphics for a red statue.

Obviously the numbers will follow suit like they do, so I doubt I need to explain it (cursors have 10 quintillion for T1, and 10 sextillion for T2, so just add 3 extra 0s at the end of that sucker), but what I'm here to suggest is the names of these achievements.

Format key:
Building Name: Achievement Name "Flavor text, if there is any. If there's no flavor text, this'll be absent" - Explanation

The actual names:
  • Cursors: Finger Splints - Finger Splints are the casts used on broken fingers that need to be immobilized at the joints. (Source: Broke my middle finger before, they had to use one of these to immobilize the joints)
  • Grandmas: They see me rolling - Based on the infamous song "Ridin' Dirty", refers to the rolling pins
  • Farms: Bloom & Doom "There's a zombie on your lawn, we don't want Zombies on your lawn." - Both of these refer to Plants Vs. Zombies. The title Text is an in-universe company's name that is most prominently seen on the seed packets in the first game's seed packets (only on non-mobile versions, though) and in the credits. The flavor text is a reference to the credits song, which has this line.
  • Factories: Made in China - A reference to China's infamous manufacturing prioritization to the point of critical air pollution (yes, really).
  • Mine: Dig Dug - A reference to the arcade game "Dig Dug" by Namco.
  • Banks: Raking in the Dough - Based on the old saying for making money. Also, works in that cookie dough exists. But that's obvious.
  • Temples: Temple of the Cookie God "The cookie gods demand sacrifice." - A loose reference to the ultimate upgrade of the Super Monkey from Bloons Tower Defense, the Temple of the Monkey God, which requires sacrifice of your buildings to become more powerful on top of it's base upgrades.
  • Wizard Tower: The Dark is Rising - A reference to the "The Dark is Rising" novels.
  • Shipments: Guide to the Galaxy "Welcome new Galaxy!" - Two references here. The title is a reference to the famous "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", while the flavor text refers to the ending of Super Mario Galaxy.
  • Alchemy Lab: Witchcook "Here we are." - The title is a reference to Witchcraft. The flavor text is a reference to the name for the song for the True Lab location from Undertale.
  • Portal: Warp Zone "Just make sure you don't clip through the wall. You end up in infinite seas. And nobody likes that." - A reference to the famous Warp Zone from Super Mario Bros. The flavor text alludes to the Minus World, a glitch associated with this secret.
  • Time Machine: Keep Moving Forward - A reference to a recurring line from the animated film "Meet The Robinsons".
  • Antimatter Condensers: Completely unstable "Some kid just pulled a muscle..." - A reference to the infamous suggestion on the forums for Unstable Antimatter Condensers. Flavor text refers to my... Less than stellar reply to it... (heh...)
  • Prism: Rainbow Islands - A reference to the arcade game "Rainbow Islands: The Story Of Bubble Bobble 2" by Taito.
Visualizations of what they may look like in-game
Courtesy of @MasterSparky himself.

Images in spoiler to shorten the post.

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