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iin2tructiional guiide on how two riightfully earn the weiiner badge

[Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 ✭✭✭✭✭
1. REMOVE CANCER remove cancer you are worst shitdraw. you are the shitdraw idiot you are the shitdraw smell. return to 9gag. to our 9gag cousins you may come our forum. you may live in the zoo….ahahahaha ,dmf we will never forgeve you.
2. Be generally all over the place, writing this exact thing.
3. Add some stupid shit two, liike ca2ually convertiing two troll quiirk2.
4. ???
5. Rightful earnings earned.
6. Also a weekban by Zuptinbee for spamming.

To manage the weekban, there is two solutions:

NO. 1: Wait it out.
1. Wait.
2. Wait more.
3. Wait even more.
4. Wait an eternity.
5. Wait more than that.
6. Die from waiiting.
7. Reawaken.
8. Wait a bit.
9. Be free.

NO. 2: Plead for Zuppybee two be free.
1. Create an alt with the following instructions:
2. Get the flowers.
2. Go to Zuppy's.
3. Ring on the doorbell.
4. Let him invite you for a cup of tea (wiith honey).
5. Suggest pollination with flowers.
6. Plead him into pollination with flowers.
8. Aquire ban-nullification license.
9. Get rightful earnings removed and start over.
Change is constant.


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