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First reset + Long waits (BETA)

ReepileReepile Member Posts: 1,703 ✭✭✭✭
edited July 2016 in Help
Long waits: Is there any way to speed up my progress? I've played for 48 hours now but I still haven't bought 1 antimatter condenser. Is that bad? Is there any specific upgrades or buildings I should focus on to speed up progress or is that just that? I only get 5 billion per second.

First Reset: I wanted to know the specific prestige level I should aim to get before my first reset, taking in account my long waiting progress above. And once I do, which upgrades/perks with my heavenly chips to spend it on. Which perks on the legacy/ascension screen would I most want to buy and give me quick progress, such as at least quintupling it or more.

whats wrongwith me
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