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Delicious Cookie 2.0 (Re-Make)

ReepileReepile Member Posts: 1,703 ✭✭✭✭
edited July 2016 in Playground
Does anyone even remember the long forgotten playground forum game I posted back when I was active?
Well this is the remake, and since there are a lot more new players, this should still work.



1. There is a cookie. Instead of focusing on mass producing, you try to make the MOST DELICIOUS COOKIE IN THE WORLD!
2. You cannot "eat the cookie"
3. You must add in ingredients to this cookie, such as whipped cream for a bit more deliciousness. You can also add stuff like stinky fish to make it disgusting, but read the next instructions.
4. I decide on how much deliciousness it adds.
5. The reset. Once you reach "Tektite Trophy" of deliciousness, you must reset. On the 2nd try your goal is to make it less delicious. On the 3rd it's to make it more famous (Y'know... add like... money or something)
6. Have fun (Not optional) >:3

Example for people still stuck:
Me: The cookie currently has 0 deliciousness
It's size is: Normal
It's deliciousness is: mmm

Poster1: Add whipped cream!
Poster2: Add yum sauce!
Me: @poster1 +25 Deliciousness
Me: @poster2


CURRENT STATS: (Updated every 1-4 days or so)

1st Reset
(X) = Not done//(*) = Done
Bronze Trophy - 1 Million X
Silver Trophy - 1 Billion X
Gold Trophy - 1 Trillion X
Emerald Trophy - 1 Quadrillion X
Ruby Trophy - 1 Quintillion X
Obsidian Trophy - 1 Sextillion X
Amethyst Trophy - 1 Septillion
Ultra Trophy - 1 Octillion X
Penultimate Trophy - 1 Nonillion X
Tektite (AKA Final) Trophy - 1 Decillion X
Cookie +5800
Deliciousness: 10,800
Deli-Level: Drooling for approximately 3.23 minutes
Size: An average seat of a chair (About, lets say 5 pizzas)

Now basically you add ingredients to the cookie:
whats wrongwith me
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