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DS's Actual Art Attempt Archive (Suggestions Encouraged)

DemonicSprinklesDemonicSprinkles Member Posts: 987 ✭✭✭
edited December 2015 in Off Topic
Yep, I, of all people, am doing an Art thread.
Everything on here will be my best attempt at drawing whatever it is I am suggested.

Why I am Doing This
So, I got a drawing tablet for Christmas, and I figured that I might as well give a shot at drawing something. DMF suggested I try drawing a wrinkler from CC, so I did. It wasn't exactly perfect, but it motivated me to keep trying! So I have decided to use this thread as a way of getting more practice so one day I can become an art god.

Rules For Suggestions
If you want to suggest something for me to draw, there are some basic rules rules you must follow:
First, no inappropriate (NSFW) suggestions, in this thread or otherwise. Pretty easy.
Second, I must be able to find a reference for drawing, as I have found that drawing images in my mind tends to result in ugly.
Third, I hate drawing large amounts of hair/feathers/fluff, so, keep that in mind.
Fourth and finally, respect my drawing style. I like drawing sketchily and leaving the sketch marks in, so that's most likely what your going to get. Cool? Cool.

Art Pieces
Wrinkler (DarkMatterFire because I asked)
Princess Luna (AuroyaNovo)
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