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Multiple attributes on an element?

numberQnumberQ Posts: 7Member
Is there a way to give an element multiple attributes? For example, various types of magic could have an alternate way of saying them for different spells, as well as an effect.

I've tried the following:

$magic shock {effect:electricity} {status:paralyzed}

$magic shock {effect:electricity, status:paralyzed}

Neither of them works. It doesn't recognize the "status" attribute at all, and the "effect" attribute reads as "electricity} {status" or "electricity, status" respectively.

Any ideas?

Best Answer


  • numberQnumberQ Posts: 7Member
    Thanks for the bump. I already figured it out though, I just forgot I had posted this thread. :P

    The first example was correct, where I put them in separate curly brackets. My problem was that I had spaces between them; when I got rid of the spaces, it worked perfectly.
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