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Wall Destroyer: Meta Edition

kirdnehkirdneh Member, Cool, Conversationalist Posts: 2,964 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited February 2017 in Games - Old
Hi! This is, as it is obvious by my name over to the side, Kirdneh. Right now I'm tentatively beginning production of Wall Destroyer: Meta Edition. I'm planning on ripping apart this game, restructure the upgrades and add a meta-ton more between them, more magic systems, and generally making it really long. I'm presenting it as a somewhat alternate Omniverse of Wall Destroyer, and some parts of the plotline, if it could be said that an incremental game has a plotline, will be affected by Tellurium's version. Because I can't art, the icons will also be stolen and just for new tiers be colour-edited. If anyone could find Luri's imgur album for all the images I would appreciate that. So today I'm beginning my entirely-ripped off version of Wall Destroyer, and will eventually turn this (assuming it just doesn't die a day or two within production) into the description page thing, and in this topic I'll ask questions and things.

The URL is here.
Imgur album of icons
CURRENT VERSION (changelog):
2015-12-23: 0.03.01
-Upgrade tiers up to silver (100 items) added
-Synergies, puncher upgrades
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