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Post Things You Find!

LeviC53LeviC53 Posts: 41Member ✭✭
edited February 2017 in General Discussion
I found America!

And a giant termite mound..


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  • nicolasrenenicolasrene Posts: 184Member ✭✭
    I found a Worm that says "oh hey" twice.

    >oh hey
    >oh hey
    yeah, i don't even know what to put in this signature. i just want to show you that i know how to put signatures. actually someone told me. whatever lol. also i dont know why i put bold in this signature.
  • Diesel0307Diesel0307 Posts: 783Member ✭✭


    XD "that's nano your business :]"

    I have a bunch oh old threads. I don't use them :P
    Here is a thread though: As God As God Can Be
    Stat page for game: Stats

    I was dead for a while...
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