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Gouchy on the topic of scapegoats

GouchnoxGouchnox Member, Friendly, Cool, Conversationalist Posts: 6,483 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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Gouchnox from the future: The structure on this one is kinda faulty and weird, I don't really care, it's finished and that's all. Do whatever you want with it.

Oh look, me talking about human brain traits and such. How unexpected. That's completely not what I do.
I never over-analyze anything to the point of total boredom from my audience.

So.. humans, right? Humans are very social creatures. Like, very. We're probably one of the most socialized creatures on this planet (only "one of" because I've seen ants back in my days), and that's something. We can't really live without that. We have this strange need to group together and think alike. Very few are the people that end up by themselves on remote places without turning completely insane or having imaginary friends (only "very few", because I've seen Buddhist monks back in my day). We consider that normal, we have to be with other people. And weather you like it or not, we want to socialize, we need too. Even misfits (raise your hands dear dnf people) make communities. So.. what's with all the hate? Like, it makes sense that we don't like the same things, but things like genocides and 4chan (yeah, I just went there) proves that there is more to the human socialization than sunshine and rainbows ("That's my line!" ~Pinkie). And good on you, person who doesn't care, because I'm here to give my opinion on the latter.
"Based on facts and observations", there you can stay.

The way we socialize is kinda strange and interesting. You see this new person, and weather you have herd of them before from a friend's friend or from something else, no matter how much you want to like them, you don't know them yet, and so you are cautious. You want, or need to talk to this person, to socialize, but how will this person like you? We like people that are similar to us, we tend to befriend people that think alike to us, that lived some similar things as us. The best way for me to socialize with this person that I don't really know would then be to talk about me, what I like, and having them do the same things, so that we end up either liking each other for how similar we are, or not liking each other for how different we are. "You like Mario and Tarantino movies? How cool, I do to, let's hang out!" would be the perfect outcome. But... nah, doesn't work like that, does it? Because, although we want to know and possibly befriend this person, we also.. don't know them. They are unknown. And we fear that, a lot. We don't want to share personal stuff with them, cause we never know what would happen! They could judge us for what we like, and that's the last thing we want. So... we want to agree on something, but we don't want to talk about us. And if there's one thing the human being is more than capable of, it's complaining. So instead, we find an agreement on something else, we find an agreement on what we both dislike. It's that easy, why should I share about what I like when the person in front of me could judge me for it? So, instead of that, let's talk about politics, war, school system (*cough cough* France *cough cough*), and other things that everybody can all agree to disagree. We like to dislike, and it's no different when it comes to socialization. Do me a favor, next time a friend invites a friend or something like that, casually sit in the background of the conversation, and watch the hate unfold. Works every time.
We all do that, and we all like to do that. Every group has its scapegoat, because it's easier to all agree on disagreeing than to actually share your own opinion that somebody else might judge you for. We like to show that we are different from the hated, because that makes us cool. We are not the bad, look at how good we are in comparison! More than that, we all like to dislike a certain type of people. It's more meaningful to show that you're different from a bad example of human being than "something" bad, like a toaster that doesn't work or taxes. And because it's easier to hate on a group rather than on a specific person (think about it, no one can sue you for hating on them, you were hating on the group, they were an exception, you can get away with it), we all do that. Throughout history, masses of populations have been found hating on other masses. Black people, Cristian people, Jews (Godwin for everyone), Indians, people-with-other-religions, gingers witches... the list just goes on. We don't really know why we hate those people, but hey, that's what they told us to hate on tv.
And it's so strongly embedded on how we are that we don't really notice when we hate certain people with no reason. Who has never heard "that's so gay", or "that's so autistic"? People say that because they want to show their difference, to show that they are much better than those misfits that they don't know about. "Isn't it great to be different?" is a true statement. We are different, and that's what makes our strength. But we don't like difference, we don't accept it. Have you ever heard casual dyslexia jokes on the same scope as "that's so autistic"? Probably not. But I have. Why did I heard that when they are truly uncommon? Because I get offended by them, because I am myself dyslexic, and so I remember them. When casually making a funny joke, we might offend someone, because we don't actually notice that we are especially keeping the scapegoat stereotypes alive. It's like casual swearing, it's okay, to say "that's so gay", because we are all friends here, we can say that. Can we? Yes we can, because we want so socialize. In the process of trying to be closer to some people, we steer away from others. We create bubbles of society that don't connect to each other, because if they did, we could not hate anymore, and therefore we won't socialize! It's at the same time a sad truth and a happy one. I mean, just look at 4chan (this is becoming my own personal Godwin's law) or Tumbr. What do they have in common? Hate and intolerance. What do they also have in common? Anonymity. People on there and on other places of the Internet don't want to get judged, so they get on the bandwagon on hate, because that's how the Internet works. And... since the Internet is pretty much the raw version of the human societies... these sites are pretty much the biggest window to the scapegoat system ever. But... and we're diving into more personal thoughts right now, I think that this has been increased by the glottalization, and the overall growth of the Earth's population (hating on the easy target much? :p). We are more people, and therefore, everyone is more likely to be better than you. There's always a growing amount of people that do stuff better than you, and that makes you less special. You want to show others that you are much more. We are pushing ourself a lot more than in the past, because there's more competition. We need to get better at school, at work. To show that we are here and we can do stuff. The exact same applies to socializing. We need to show how greater we are, we need to show how worst the bad things/people are compared to us. The "differentiation from the scapegoats to better fit" process is increasing more and more, growing more extreme. And.. I'm not saying that it's a bad thing. I'm not trying to say "oh, things were better before" and shit like that. I'm just trying to observe and draw conclusions.
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  • GouchnoxGouchnox Member, Friendly, Cool, Conversationalist Posts: 6,483 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Yeah.. I think that's it for that. But there's one last thing to say.
    Dear Dashnet People. We are all different from irl people. Seeing how 90% of the population is somewhat depressed all the time, and how drama ends here, it's safe to say that we are a bunch of misfits. Is that hard to believe, considering that we're all sticking together? Absolutely not. Like I said, we befriend people that are like us. And when we are living through the hard-aches of life, and seeing someone else doing the same, we relate to them. But the difference with a normal bunch of people and a bunch of drama-full whinny misfits is that the former shoots first, and the latter got shot first. We understand first, and hate after. I'm being very general here, because there are some obvious people who would recognize themselves and who fall into the "haters" category, but you get the general feeling. We try to understand each other, and not necessarily create scapegoats as we go. And that's good. I'm proud of you guys. [insert cute panda here]
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  • GouchnoxGouchnox Member, Friendly, Cool, Conversationalist Posts: 6,483 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Hm, that's interesting @Karlolin, I would like to know your point. What exactly do you disagree on with what I said?
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