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Thingk RPG

MiningcookiesVIIIMiningcookiesVIII Posts: 1,861Member ✭✭✭✭✭
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In this game every user gets to submit 3 ideas, and they will get one more each day. (Except me; I get 5.) You technically get four, as today is the first day, and you get one per day. If you come back after multiple days, you WILL get ones for all the days you missed. I will think about which ones work best together and incorporate those, so people will not break the game or make it unfair. I can intervene at any moment. For example, If I decide to negate a rule because it has been abused. Any ideas will go unless I think they are OP or broken or just ridiculous. However, I may alter your rule slightly to make more sense. Ideas can be for classes, basic ways the game works, renovatings of old ideas, Etc. OP ideas are accepted ONLY if the enemies are beginning to get OP too.

Then we will play the game, continuing to add ideas. If one of your ideas are deemed unfair, you are allowed to make more untill you have made your allotted amount of incorporated ideas. Please go into detail about how your idea or enemy works. Enemies you face are not included in your idea limit. You get one class to start out as that doesn't count as an idea. Likewise, your class gets one attack to start out, the rest are counted as ideas. If you want to use a pre-existing class/move, it is not counted as an idea. Think of terraria of a measurement of how much damage attacks should do, how much health you should have, Etc.

I'll start:

Game rules:

1. We fight monsters in a turn-based-ish RP/G style.
2. Armor can work like percentages.
3. Items are found in chests guarded by enemies, or dropped from them.
4. There are different classes.
5. There is a level-up system, changing the base attributes of your class. This works with experience. Enemies have levels too.
6. Magic is used for magic attacks.
7. You can cash in 50 IP For an Unlimited Idea Point(UIP).
2. On weekends earn an extra point every day.
3. Every time and every ten times you level you get an idea point.
4. You can give people your idea points.
5. You can equip accessories in your head, chest, legs, feet, hands, neck, ring, and ring.
2. There are different areas with different enemies, unlocked by level.

5. Gain 1/5 of your XP in your entire XP bar per day. (For example on level 2 you would earn 22 of 110 XP per day.)


Knight: "This guy is far out when it comes to physical damage, but the big guy just has no magical affinity!"
Attacks do +2.5% damage, extra +3% for physical attacks. +2.5% Crit rate, +5% armor piercage. Armor +5%. Magic cost +50%. Base Health 126. Base MP 10. (MCVIII/Halberd)

Robotic: "Enemies attack first unless they are lower leveled. Guess he needs some more boosters!" -2.5% armor piercage, +5% armor. +5% Magic Cost, Magic Damage +10%. Base Health 130, Base MP 25.

Mage: "The descendant of Merlin--or at least, one of them." -40% Physical damage, +20% Magic damage. -20% armor, +10% armor piercage. Base Health 70, Base MP 40. (1234abcdcba4321/Carmoaly)

Yandere: "This young school maiden is out for blood for her beloved so you better be not in her way!" Armor +5%, cannot crit.
+1 max health per kill, +0.05 base damage per kill.Base Health 50, Base MP 0. (Cookie/Helena) (Exclusive)


Knight's blade: "SLIIIIICE!" 12 damage. +1% armor piercage. +2% Crit rate. Physical.
(Knight base weapon)

Mega Buster: "PEWPEWPEWPEWPEW!" 10 damage, 5% crit rate. Energy.
(Robotic base weapon)

Wooden staff: "The tree sap at the top is an old, yet rudimentary method of channelling magic." 15 damage, 5% armor piercage. Requires 5 MP. (Mage base weapon)

Yandere Chan's Knife: "*Drip Drip Drop* Here she comes master in tow!" 3 damage, physical. +0.2 Damage per 10 damage dealt. (Yandere base weapon)


Cave: All classes start out here unless specified otherwise. Enemies: Skeletons, Cave bats, Spiders.


Cave bat: Base HP 25, Attack 7, Armor 5%.

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