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The Official Warlight Thread

DemonicSprinklesDemonicSprinkles Posts: 987Member ✭✭✭
edited August 2015 in Off Topic
So, Warlight is this game I found a while back (which apparently Karlolin plays too) which is a lot like Risk, except all turns happen at the same time and it's very customizable. Go ahead and make an account and play through the singleplayer matches to get a feel for it. Make your own boards if you'd like!
The link to play it is here:

So if you want to talk about the game or schedule matches, post below. Also, post your account name so you may be added to matches when they're made.

Account List
DemonicSprinkles: General Demonic
Karlolin: Lion of the North
"My reverse psychology will never work on you!" ~kirdneh
"I'm a square!" ~DarthCookie
Username Gen
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